Tha Dogg Pound – “Dogg Food” Album Anniversary

Tha Dogg Pound – “Dogg Food” Album Anniversary

Tha Dogg Pound dropped their first studio album “Dogg Food” on October 31st 1995.  It was produced mostly by Daz Dillinger, sold 3 million records and reached #1 on the Billboard Rap Album Charts.  Death Row Records was busy that year dropping albums and this one did not disappoint.  The album starts off nicely with “Dogg Pound Gangstaz ” where Kurupt goes straight for the jugular, with a jab at Eazy E’s group saying,

“With hollow point talons for the violence
Ain’t no harmin’ me, ain’t got no love for no hoes in Harmony
It’s easy to find MC’s to execute
Chances of survival too small to compute”

The album also included “Smooth”, “If We All F*cc”, “Some Bomb A** P*ssy” all featuring Snoop Dogg.  All three tracks bang, with the last two littered with sex rhymes.  “Let’s Play House” was one of their singles released off this album, but “New York, New York” stole the show.  The song disrespected NY , it used a famous Furious Five sample, and the beat (produced by DJ Pooh) was first given to the Notorious BIG for his St Ides commercial.  The song started a feud between LA and NY, and brought also a response record.  In the video, Snoop and The Dogg Pound destroy NY landmark buildings!  Earlier that year, Suge Knight and some of the Death Row artists made a scene at the Source Awards that contributed to the “East Coast – West Coast” rivalry.  The album is 20 years old today…but bangs like it was made yesterday!

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