Termanology “Shut Up And Rap” Album Review

Daniel Carrillo better known as Termanology released his 7th album on December 9th 2014 “Shut Up And Rap”. The album is flooded with talent thru out the 16 tracks. The entire album was produced by Billy Loman except for 2 songs. “My Time 2 Shine” was produced by Termanology himself and “El Wave” was produced by Statik Selektah & The Alchemist. In the past Termanology used the biggest names he could find for his albums, but this time it was less about status and more about who can just plain spit.

The album starts off a li’l dark with “The War Begins” featuring H Blanco, Inspectah Deck and Chris Rivers. A perfect dungeon beat for Inspectah Deck to get his lines off, but after listening to the album a few times this song seems out of place — the rest of the album has a really nice vibe and flow– this is the only song that doesn’t feel like it fits. It seems like the song was made around the Wu-Tang member to fit him, and not the album. The album slows down and starts to get its identity with the next couple songs. A smooth flow and beat grabs your attention in “Get Away” featuring Skyzoo, Torae & Reks. While it’s a hypnotic sample in “I’m Good” featuring Michael Christmas and Astro that kept me coming back for more.

Track # 5, “Can’t Take It Anymore” featuring Chilla Jones, Cortez and DJ Doo Wop, is when we really start to hit the heart of the album and the jams come rapid fire from here. “Don’t Know” featuring Chasen Hampton has a slower vibe that plays perfectly into Termanolgy’s wordplay. “I Fucks With You” featuring Lumidee and Cyrus Desheild is the 1st single and video to be released and doesn’t disappoint. “Thug Muzik” featuring H Blanco & Easy Money is another head nodder that keeps the vibe rolling. “OH YES!” featuring SuperSTah Snuk and Ea$y Money is another great song with a catchy hook (almost anthem like). Next up is “El Wave” which was produced by Statik Selektah & The Alchemist features Willie the Kid and Reks. Another solid song and a good transition to the final jam. Term blesses us with final masterpiece “Streetwise” which is the only song on the album that doesn’t feature anyone. All he needs is a light beat and a piano to murder this track as he brings the album to a close.

Heads from Boston should really check this album out. With all the up and coming Beantown artists on here you could really learn a lot about the next generation of local rappers. On a 1-5 rating system, with 5 being the highest, I would give Termanology’s “Shut Up And Rap” a 4. I found myself skipping past only a few songs. The majority of the album is very well produced and the tracks flow in and out of each other in perfect harmony from beginning to end. This is Termanology’s best piece of work to date. His collaborations are on point and come together to deliver a serious contender for one of the top albums in 2014.

Written by John Vangel 1/15/15


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