Scarface “Deeply Rooted” Album Review

Scarface “Deeply Rooted” Album Review: Brad Terrence Jordan born 11/9/1970, better known as Scarface, dropped his 12th album this month entitled “Deeply Rooted”. Hailing from Houston Texas, the former Geto Boys MC is one of the top lyricists of all time. He was raised as a Christian, but converted to Islam in 2006. Scarface started out under the name DJ Akshen and first recorded on Lil’ Troys Short Stop Records. He was then recruited by James Smith, owner of Rap-A-Lot Record, to join forces with Willie D and Bushwick Bill and form the second version of the Geto Boys. He helped drop their second album “Grip It! On that Other Level” , which created a buzz and helped to developed a fan base. In 1993 he changed his name officially to Scarface. Scarface has been the coordinator and president of Def Jam South since 2000 and helping to launch Ludacris into stardom.  He has had success with singles “Mr. Scarface” & “A Minute to Pray and a Second to Die” from his debut album “Mr. Scarface is Back” & “Let Me Roll” & “Now I Feel Ya” from his second album “The World is Yours”.

His 3rd album “The Diary” was what really put him on the map with hits “Hand of the Dead Body” with Ice Cube and Devin the Dude and the huge track “I Seen a Man Die”. The single charted as high as #37 on the US Billboard 100 and #2 on US Rap chart. His Fourth album “The Untouchable” had another massive hit “Smile” featuring Johnny P & 2Pac. Later in his career he had some success with the singles “Guess Who’s Back” w. Jay-Z and Beanie Sigel, “High Powered”, “Girl You Know” w/ Trey Songz & “My Block”.

On September 4th 2015 Scarface dropped “Deeply Rooted” which features guest appearances from Papa Reu, Rush Davis, Nas , Rick Ross, John Legend and Ceelo Green. The deluxe version features 3 extra tracks and and includes guest appearances from Akon and Alex Isley. Right off the bat his second track called “Rooted” grabs you as Papa Reu sucks you in with his Marley-like sound and hook.

The Trinidad & Tobago native who now resides in Houston TX also adds a dope hook on “Dope Man Pushin’”. “Hot Seat” features Jack Freeman and is all about being caught up in the system, Scarface tells a tale of the police arresting him for no reason whatsoever.  Z-Ro (another Houston Texan) adds to the track “Fuck You Too” with a catchy hook. Rush Davis has a deep hook on “Steer” which talks about the evil that we succumb to like suicide & the devil, but the hook asks for the lord to help me steer clear.

Z-Ro comes back for another great hook on “Do What I Do” with Nas & Rick Ross which sounds to me like an instant classic. John Legend drops in on the next track called “God” which Scarface co-produced. Scarface realizes how powerful a hook can be and it seems like almost every song has a singing hook.  Avant gets in on the action with “Keep It Movin’ then Ceelo Green wets his beak with “You” where he joins in, but on the hook only. “All bad” has the vibe of one of his classics like “My Block” and includes a triumphant hook about surviving while still being dark in only a way that Scarface could do it.

The songs have him being thankful for what he was been given despite hard times. “Voices” in one of the last tracks and does not list a guest, but I would assume that it isn’t Scarface singing the hook since it is a woman who sings softly – reminds me of Dido, with a slow guitar riff. The album is truly a sleeper since it hasn’t been talked about much or received the best ratings. I could agree that the hooks are over saturated with artists singing, but I find them effective and enhances Scarface while he still gives us his gritty down south hustle lines. I would confidently give a rating of 4 out of 5 for the new album, definitely worth a listen, you won’t be disappointed.

Johnny V


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