Salt N Pepa – “Hot, Cool & Vicious” Album Anniversary

Salt N Pepa – “Hot, Cool & Vicious” Album Anniversary :  Salt N Pepa released their debut album “Hot, Cool & Vicious” on December 8 1986.  The album was produced by Hurby “The Luv Bug” Azor and was released on Next Plateau Records.  The album is one the first platinum album by an all female rap group.

The original album did not include “Push It”, but after it was released as a B-side to their single “Tramp” and it exploded on the charts, it was included on the album as a remix.

Besides “Push It”, the album is a sure classic album with songs like “Tramp” and their first recorded single “Showstopper” which is a reply track to Doug E Fresh’s classic “The Show”.  But the real gems on this album are “I’ll Take Your Man”, “Beauty and the Beat” and “My Mic Sounds Nice” where they prove to us that females can rock as hard as the guys!

“I’ll Take Your Man” threatens all the ladies out there that all men are fair game!

“Well I’ll take your man right out the box
And put him under my padlocks
So when you see us together chillin’ in the place
Cold walkin’ and sportin’ him in your face
Go ahead roll your eyes, suck your teeth
Keep huffin’ and puffin’ like a dog in heat
You can call me a crook, a robber, a thief
But I’ll be your butcher if you got beef”

On “My Mic Sounds Nice” they do exactly that!  The show us how nice they are on the mic!

“Forget about the rest, yes, I don’t jest
You’re blessed with one of America’s best
So I think y’all better count your blessings
When Salt’s in the house, hell’s in session
It’s a fact that I will wax
MCs out there are gonna get taxed
Rockin’ to my funky beat
I’m a trip so I know you’re gonna fall for me
Cuz this is the year all men fear
Female MCs is movin’ up here
Salt and Pepa is strictly biz
You know the color of this, you know what time it is
“Super” is the strength of the boomin’ bass
“Nature” describes our pretty face
Turning out without a doubt
Make no mistake, Queens is in the house
Yeah, check it out, ch-check it out”

This is one of those albums that leave a definite mark on the genre.  But this is also the group that showed us that an all female group (that included their female DJ Spinderella) can do the same or even better than their male counterparts!  The are definitely the greatest girl group and one of the greatest rap groups in Hip Hop History and we salute you ladies!!!

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