Run DMC Back From Hell Album Anniversary

Run DMC Back From Hell Album Anniversary

On October 16th 1990, Run DMC dropped their 5th studio album “Back From Hell”.  The album reached as high as #18 on the Billboard Rap charts and #81 on Billboards Top 200.  They mostly rapped over “new jack swing” beats but lacked the hardcore and stripped down beats that the previous 4 had.  The album starts of great with “Sucker DJ’s” that sounds like a best-of beats!  It then leads into the first single, “The Ave.” which depicts the hard reality of what happens on the streets of Hollis Queens NY.
“Cause on the street, you’re never in the fast lane
You go to jail or get a bullet in your brain
People laugh and smile at a stick-up
A young man in a rut, shakin a big cup
People pass his ass and say, “Tough luck!'”
Other songs include, “What’s It All About”, “Faces”, “Pause” and the title cut “Back From Hell”, but comes off short due to the fact that the “Run DMC” mystique was slowly running it’s course.  Their signature look of Adidas shell-toes unlaced, gold ropes and black hats were replaced by Timberland boots and gangsta gear.  In life everything runs it’s course and in this case you can clearly see that Run DMC was surely on the way out making room for rappers like Chuck D, KRS One and Ice Cube to carry the torch for Hip Hop.  Still not a bad LP for the “Kings of Rock” and of course…Rap!

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