Rest In Peace Praverb – In Honor of Praverb The Wyse

Rest In Peace Praverb – In Honor of Praverb The Wyse

A year after the passing of Earl “Praverb The Wyse” McNease, a memorial album paying tribute to the MC is available with proceeds going to Praverb’s family.  Hailed as a big-hearted, hip-hop head, rapper and writer, Praverb certainly had an impact on many lives in a positive way.  The outpouring of support following his support has been incredible.

Below is a write-up from friend and fellow artist M-Dot wanted to share in honor of Earl:

Something I will never forget about Praverb, and something that I constantly remind myself of anytime I encounter new artists trying to go further in music, he always wanted to offer help. Not just an empty “yo I got you”, not an opportunistic “peep my stuff” comment, NEVER A…. “Hey man support me I will support you,” rather he would immediately point out people you should connect with, (people that he had met in that same fashion as meeting you) people that he thought could further your growth as an MC/producer/blogger….whatever it may be he wanted to give any guidance he had to offer. Now that’s rarely seen amongst humans overall in any business sense, mind you we are talking about music circles where its just not seen much at all (if ever). I can remember vividly back in 2004 my crew-mate, Revalation, posting some of our music (still at a Genesis stage of recording) on a forum where other artists navigated (blogs were not as prevalent as today). We weren’t getting too much love on there to say the least (my fast “wordy” flow was more gaged to acapella at the time) and I was discouraged while working meticulously to get the cadence down seamless. Sure enough who is at the bottom of the feed of comments (with his default as Masta Ace “Long Hot Summer”)…. Yup Earl (Praverb)… “Stick with it, keep working on getting it in pocket.” We became friends immediately, exchanging phone numbers, and talking often. And I was selfish, as I feel I got more out of the friendship than him, being that he’d constantly be giving the advice. When he called to tell me he and his wife were having a baby (knowing I had kids) and wanted some advice…I paused (it’s rare I am at a loss of words), I can say to this day I had never been more proud to offer anything I might have picked up from parenthood to him. That’s how grateful he made you feel, so good that you wished he’d ask for anything as you would feel actual joy in giving anything back. He had the’s giving back and he embodied that. Selfless is a gross understatement of how he lived his life.

Fast forward to September 12, 2014 (almost 10 years to the day after I first encountered P in a forum where my chin was on my chest), I was now returning from my 5th tour of Europe and I saw a message on my wall “I see you Shining”… of course it was my friend once again encouraging me. We texted a few times during the next days planning to catch up….unfortunately, we never had that chance. I have few regrets in my life, one is however missing his call the night that he passed away. The next morning I got the news that he was gone, I cried for hours, locking myself in my basement until my friends had to threaten to break the door down to get me out. I made the song “Praverbs” and released it that same-day. I miss him more than words or any song could begin to even illustrate. To this day, I always feel connected with him….as I still see him helping myself and others…..

I made a Soundcloud page in December of 2014 (finally!!…as Praverb had been telling me to do so for years). I started to upload a few songs. I searched to see if any of the songs where already previously uploaded, I came across some of my tracks being uploaded/promoted on another artist’s page, you can guess who that was…..


Check out “Praverbs,” the tribute song from M-Dot.

To purchase and stream the Tribute LP to Praverb click HERE. All proceeds go to Praverbs family.


Rest In Paradise Praverb!!









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