Redman Mudface – Album Review

Redman Mudface – Album Review: Reggie Noble tossed us his 8th studio album “Mudface” under Gilla House Records which featured 11 songs and 2 skits last month. The album has limited appearances with only having StressMatic on “Dopeman” and Runt Dog & Ready Roc on “Undeniable”. It featured production from Reggie himself, Rockwilder, Labor Department, Mike & Keys, Rick Rock, Jahlil Beats, Theory Hazit, Sebastian Arman, Boris Milanov (B-Ok), Desmond “Dez” Peterson, Marvel & Illmind. Rumors are the album is a band aid to hold us over until the Muddy Waters 2 album and you can hear that with just some of the production. “Beastin’ (MCA)” samples “Hold It Now Hit It” by the Beastie Boys and pays respect to MCA who passed away in 2012. The song contains a whistle that can make the entire song tough to get thru. Even with the production slipping a little Redman still kills it on “Bars”, “Let It Go” & “Getting’ Inside” and gives us solid performances on “Won’t Be Fiendin-the Dez Remix” “High 2 Come Down” “N*gga Like Me” and “Dopeman”. The everyday Redman fan will enjoy the album and realize that even at 45 Reggie can still hang with the best of them. Every song seems to pay homage to smokers, and Reds humor is still shining thru in almost every line. The intro itself serves up his humor in less than 2 minutes and sets the trend for the album. The album is only about 30 minutes from beginning to end and if this is considered to be a holdover album until “Muddy Waters 2” then I can’t even imagine how incredible it will be.

1. “Dr. Trevis (Intro)” f. Josh Gannet
2. “Wus Really Hood”
3. “Beastin’ (MCA)”
4. “Gettin’ Inside”
5. “Muddy Island (Skit)”
6. “N*gga Like Me”
7. “Dopeman” f. StressMatic
8. “Let It Got”
9. “Bars”
10. “High 2 Come Down”
11. “Won’t Be Fiendin’ (The Dez Remix)”
12. “Undeniable” f. Runt Dog & Ready Roc
13. “Go Hard”

Embedded Mudface

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