Redman – “Dare Iz A Darkside” Album Anniversary

Redman – “Dare Iz A Darkside” Album Anniversary

Redman released his second studio album “Dare Iz A Darkside” on November 22 1994.  The album was produced mostly by Redman himself with guest appearances by Keith Murray, Eric Sermon, and Hurricane G.

The album starts off nicely with “Bobyahed2dis” where Reggie brings the funky track and the slow flow to a perfect match when he spits,

“Blow in any hood and puff a blunt with any nigga
As long as we both got, it don’t matter who’s gun bigger
But I bet you you can’t do that, cause the multiplatinums
can’t save your ass on the block, and you’re fucked if it ain’t pop
The funk is blowin wattage out your fuckin trunks
Like Pink Puma, I known to give a whole lots of lumps
Props I got, coming through your block nine cocked
My socks, even got three-eighty-nine shots
Don’t press it, I hang em like them niggaz do in Texas
You don’t have no heart you chestless, cuz your heart’s on my necklace”

He also brings “Mary Jane” into the mix with “Can’t Wait”. Using the “All Night Long” sample, Redman takes it to another level with,

“I’m like RRRAHHH RRRAHHHH, like I had cerebral palsy My flows be’s wet like all you girls drawers be
Crack the Phils, spread the buddha then the hidash
Roll it up and then ask, who chipped in for the ten bag?
Et cetera, I roll my blunts with two textures
Pick up fifty bags and then I smoke all the extras
It’s the truth, like vodk’ one-eighty proof
Don’t drop your drawers, I’ll fuck through your daisy dukes (true!)”

“Noorotic” and “We Run NY” featuring Hurricane G are certified bangers, but it’s “Rockafella” that makes Redman fans say “Damn that shit was dope!”

“Well it’s that brother coming six billion feet from beneath
And you should be peep-in how I get smoked-out on the weekend
I swing it to my crew or down to my fans
Schoolin hell of stackas like final exams
Cause, it’s the (UH!) Funkadelic, hit you with the irrelevant
elements, and it’s coming through your block
Can’t you smell it trick?
Wanna copy-cat my whole format
So you get funk tracks, punch lines and skull hats
HUHHHHHHH! Got a little Redman in town
Who’s that effin clown soundin wack with the frown??
I don’t know man, but you better wonder what I would do
While loud on this staff like birds one and two
My crew runs thicka than syrup from the burough
You get hurt up, word up, Jam-med like Pearl
Knock off from blood clot puff on the rough block
Or I peep my man, Rockafella, it don’t stop”

Redman is a poet on the mic and he does not disappoint!  “Dare Iz A Darkside” doesn’t either!

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