Q-Tip – “Amplified” Album Anniversary

Q-Tip – “Amplified” Album Anniversary

Q-Tip released his first solo album on November 23rd 1999. This was his first album after the break up of his group A Tribe Called Quest.  The album was produced mostly by J Dilla and Q Tip himself.

The album has two huge hits in “Vivrant Thing” and “Breathe And Stop”.  “Vivrant Thing” has him remind us all that he’s still the guy that made all those ATCQ records so bangin.

“We go on and on and on and on and on and
Sweeter than Ben & Jerry
Can I rhyme? Well you know I gets mine
Sittin round in my abstract part
This abstract thing goin abstract far, yo”

On “Breathe And Stop” he spits,

“Millennium on your mind, are you runnin’ out of time?
Hope you skippin’ every line ’cause I’m gettin’ mine
Move it around a bit again
Every block, every town, we startin’ a trend
Eye to eye, ma and toe to toe
Who concentratin’ on killin’ the show?
Penetration is methodically slow
Mountain high valley low, gonna find the dough”

On the videos for both tracks, he’s shown with a plethora of woman dancing to his songs!  He went from the “Abstract” poet to the “Abstract” ladies man!  It’s as if his whole persona changed once he left Phife Dawg and Ali Shaheed Muhammad behind.

“Let’s Ride” and “N.T.” are also bangers that make this cd a must buy.  It’s a great album but everytime we here a track off this album we wondering what Phife would sound like on these tracks right after Q Tip’s verse! Or better yet…what would another A Tribe Called Quest album would sound like?  We will probably never know!

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