Pace Won – I Declare War

Pace Won – I Declare War
I am always posting new up and coming songs or artists and wanted to switch that up for this one. A recent post of mine was for Action Bronson’s “Big League Chew” and something about the song reminded me of “I Declare War” by Pace Won.

Back in 2002 Pace Won dropped “Won” his debut solo album. Being the founding member of the Outsidaz, Pace Won was on their first 2 and only albums before dropping his solo projects. The entire album was produced by Wyclef Jean and there were a number of songs that are fire but because it is labeled as underground hip hop I feel it never got the accolades it deserved. Pace Won and the Outsidaz are linked to Eminem when he was on his come-up. The artists worked together a lot and when Eminem got some fame, the Outsidaz felt that he left them in the dust and never looked back -bringing along on D12 with him and forgetting about the Outsidaz.

Pace Won came out with multiple diss songs for Em, and most recently Young Zee dropped his dis on Eminem as well “Dear Shady”. Eminem did make a song to respond to the diss in which he thanked Outsidaz for everything they did for him on “Fine Line” from the Shady XV album. His song speaks volume as Eminem doesn’t typically respond this way when anyone calls him out and to me this is a clear apology to the Outsidaz and acknowledgement of everything they said.


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