Night Life – Outsidaz anniversary

Night Life – Outsidaz anniversary: Outsidaz formed in Newark, New Jersey back in 1991 when Pacewon & D.U. met Young Zee at a New Years Eve party. The meeting could have gone a couple different ways since at the time Pace & Zee were turf rival MC’s. It was crew vs crew with PNS vs Pskitzo. Pace & D.U. represented PNS and Zee headed Pskitzo with Anthony D. Ore otherwise known as Maddfile and Augustus C Battle aka A-Form. The two crews battled for what seemed like forever, which finally resulted in a tie and the uniting of the two groups forming Outsidaz. The group added Axe, Azz Izz, Dj Muhammed, Denzy, Loon One, DJ Spunk, S. Coop, Nawish, Rah Digga, Slang Ton, BSkills and Yah Yah. The Outsidaz gained a lot of attention when they appeared on the fugess multi-platinum sophomore album “The Score” on the song “Cowboys”.

They also struck up a friendship with D12 and Eminem in the late 1990’s. Eminem hung with the crew and recorded a number of songs. Rumors have it that slim didn’t receive the warmest welcome in NJ, but Outsidaz vouched for him & accepted him in as part of the crew. Em shouts them out on a number of songs including “Cum On Everybody”, “Just Don’t Give a Fuck” & “As the World Turns” which all appear on the “Slim Shady LP” in Feb of 1999. They had a falling out when Pace & Zee both recorded verses along with Bizarre for “Amityville” on Eminem’s second album. Dr. Dre had expressed his concerns that Em had too many guests on the album and the Outsidaz verses were cut and have never resurfaced. This was the beginning of the falling out of Eminem from the Outsidaz, which also resulted in a number of diss tracks back and fourth. Outsidaz always felt like Em screwed them when he blew up and took D12 with them. They could justify this only by saying that D12 was his boys he grew up with and although the Outsidaz helped Marshall with his music he stayed loyal to his old crew, and would call for them soon. After time passed and it was clear that Eminem was not coming back for the Outsidaz or even use his newly huge connections to help the crew. Despite the beef Outsidaz released their debut album on January 18th 2000 Night Life thru Rufflife Records & Eminem was the only feature on track # 4 “Rush Ya Clique”. Production was handled by Az Izz, Jim Jonsin, Pacewon, Rah Digga and Young Zee. The one single from the 28 minute 30 second album which featured 7 tracks was “The Rah Rah”. The album only peaked at #67 on The Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums and #19 on the Top Heatseekers chart.

Most recently Eminem has given some props to the group more specifically Zee and Pace. They have both responded with tracks back and even though it doesn’t seem like the beef has been completely squashed it definitely has been addressed with both sides explaining their point of views. This is a huge step from the diss tracks which are basically death threats with a beat playing in the background.
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