Nas- “Stillmatic” Album Anniversary

Nas- “Stillmatic” Album Anniversary

Nas released his 5th studio album “Stillmatic” on Dec 18 2001. It reached as high as #5 on the Billboard Album Charts and is considered one of Nas’s greatest album since his debut album “Illmatic”.  The album was produced by various producers including Large Professor, Swiss Beats, and Premier.

The album has some of Nas’s most memorable tracks.  The “Sopranos” influenced song “Got Ur Self A Gun” starts off with one of Nas’s most recognizable lines,

“My first album had no famous guest appearances
The outcome, I’m crowned the best lyricist
Many years on this professional level
Why would you question who’s better? The world is still mine”

“One Mic” is one of those memorable songs that will get you to lounge back and just enjoy every single word that Nas is flowing on.  It goes from slow flow to fast pace in a mere minute.

“Yo, all I need is one mic, one beat, one stage
One n*gga front, my face on the front page
Only if I had one gun, one girl and one crib
One God to show me how to do things his son did”

But in reality, everyone who bought this album wanted to hear his side of the story on the Jay Z beef.  His “Build and Destroy” track goes after all of his Queens brothers including Mega, Nature and Prodigy.  But its the track “Ether” that steals the show on this album.  As one goes around talking about the song and compares it to Jay Z’s “Takeover” one can easily realize that Nas won that battle.  He goes for the jugular as he claims that Jay Z learned everything from him.  It’s even comical as he claims that Jay was “all up in Foxy’s…”  Nas also claims that Ja stole the majority of his rhymes from the Notorious BIG.  Those claims can easily be confirmed just by listening to any of Jay’s albums.  “Ether” is still one of the greatest diss song in Hip Hop History and eventually the battle ceased after that and they even reconciled shortly after that!  The album as a whole was the best we have heard from Nas since Illmatic and after this album everything else has been good but not great.


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