Macklemore & Ryan Lewis “Otherside” f/ Fences

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis “Otherside” f/ Fences
Love him or hate him everyone feels a certain way about Macklemore. Some say he is ruining Hip Hop, and others say he is a pioneer. My first thought of Macklemore wasn’t the best and I may have called him a clown. But this was due to his hit song “Thrift Shop” which was a catchy tune with a generic hook and some funny lines throughout the song that were almost in a joking manner. It took me a few months to get over the hype of the new hit that was now playing on every genre radio station before I even had an interest in checking out the rest of the album “The Heist”. The album was shocking to me and revealed that the song that everyone knows and sings about on the daily is the only song on the album that is even close to being labeled as tacky, and doesn’t define who he is as an artist at all. In fact after hearing the rest of the album and how deep it is I think that “Thrift Shop” was a very smart marketing ploy to get a song on the radio and gain exposure… mission accomplished! The rest of the album goes deep with songs like “Neon Cathedral” which is about liquor stores being open more than churches, “Same Love” which has become and anthem for same-sex marriages and “Starting Over” which is all about falling off the sober wagon and the struggles of addiction. Extremely deep songs for the guy who raps about wearing your grandfather’s clothes and looking incredible. My personal favorite song was made prior to “The Heist” and is called “The Otherside” and really hits home. The original features Fences on a haunting hook, but another version was released as well which takes the 2000 hit song from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers “Otherside” (which confronts the battles ex-junkies have with their prior addictions) and drops it over his same lyrics. The song goes deep into drug use in the rap game, people who have been affected by it, specifically Pimp C who overdosed and died from cough syrup. Most rap songs highlights the sizzurp aka lean or purple drank and many artists have songs about it such as Gucci Mane “Wasted”, Lil Boosie “Sippin All Night”, Papoose “Talkin’ Sizzurp”, Lil Wayne “Me and My Drink”, Chamillionaire f Paul Wall “2 MPH”, pimp C f Mike Jones & Bun B “Pourin’ Up”. In an industry that is Pro promethazine it is nice to see an artist go against the grain. Maybe this is why Macklemore is not as accepted as he should be in the Hip Hop industry, because he stands up for what he feels is right whether it’s the cool and accepted thing to do or not.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Otherside (Remix)

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“The Heist” Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Johnny V 3/10/15

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