Ludacris – Call Ya Bluff

Ludacris – Call Ya Bluff
Ludacris has finally revealed the release date and cover artwork for “Ludaversal”. We have been getting freestyle after freestyle from Luda to promote the upcoming album, and finally today we have a date of March 31st 2015 and album artwork. The album cover features a 1993 Acura Legend which was his first car. It will be released through Disturbing tha Peace and Def Jam Recordings. Production for the album was done by Mike Will Made It, David Guetta (exec), Jim Jonsin (exec), Rico Love, Girgolo Tuinfort, and Da Internz. Luda has made his fans wait a number of years since his last studio album “Battle of the Sexes” dropped in 2010. “Call Ya Bluff” is supposedly a single off the album, but so far officially the only single released is “Good Lovin” featuring Miguel. Both jams are tight so whether it’s this single, or that single, the album should be a hit!

I keep dwellin’ on the past, babe
Know what I need, yeah

Hook: Miguel
I need some real good lovin’
Cause I’m troubled by the things that I see
I need some real good lovin’
Cause ain’t nobody been around here lovin’ on me

Verse 1: Ludacris
It’s better to love and then lost than to never have loved at all
If that was true I wouldn’t be drinking this alcohol
Every relationship failed to take a toll on you
Especially when you had hoes and area codes on you
Is it easier to erase my memories
At a point when most of my past women became my enemies?
Some on the fence, some befriended me
But when we see each other it’s gon’ be some weird energy
I’m sorry that we couldn’t make it work
Believe in your heart, I never intended to make you hurt
Now they see me on the blogs with my new girl
Friends talking ’bout “that’s supposed to be you, girl”


Verse 2: Ludacris
I got a empty hole in my chest
How do I fill it? Somebody give a prescription
I guess I gotta learn to live with regrets
Pay for mistakes and your exes take a commission
But what’s a percent off the top when you hit the bottom
After you break up wondering how to live without ’em?
Need solutions, less problems
Cause if love will drive you crazy I belong in the insane asylum
Hear the rain, feel the pain inside ’em
Kinda lost, need someone to guide ’em
It’s nothin’ worse than feelin’ alone
But I’ll admit to feelin’ better when I’m hearing this song, it goes


Bridge: Miguel
So I, dwelling on the past, all the moments on repeat, baby
Playing empty songs when I’m blowing my high
Feeding my heart to a lion called guilt on an empty bed
On an empty bed
Dwelling on the past, all the moments on repeat
Playing empty songs when I’m blowing my high
Feeding my heart to a lion called guilt on an empty bed
While I lose my mind
So you know what I need


Johnny V

Back In The Day Buffet

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