Lil Kim – “No Time” Single Anniversary

Lil Kim – “No Time” Single Anniversary
Lil Kim dropped her debut single “No Time” featuring Puff Daddy off her debut album “Hard Core” on October 29th 1996.  The song topped the charts at #1 on the Rap Billboard singles charts and stayed there for 9 weeks.  The song contains a sample of Lynn Collins “Take Me Just As I Am” as well as Vicki Andersons ” Message From the Soul Sisters”.  A video was also produced and was filmed inside the World Trade Center.

Lil Kim puts herself on a list that includes some of the “baddest chicks” in the industry.  She spits,

“Yeah, I Momma, Miss Ivana
Usually rock the Prada, sometimes Gabbana
Stick you for your cream and your riches
Zsa Zsa Gabor, Demi Moore, Prince Diane and all them rich misses”

She then get’s x-rated when she raps,

“Make you wiggle, then giggle just a little
I’m drinkin babies, then I cracks for the Mercedes
Act shady, and feel my three-eighty
Or the raven, oohwee I see
Your girl ain’t a “Freak Like Me”, or Adina
Huh, can’t fade the rhinoceros of rap
Lil’ Kim p*ssy how preposterous is that? “
The song gives us a glimpse of what’s to come.  The album dropped a month later and added more muscle to the Bad Boy clique!

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