Lil Kim – “Hard Core” Album Anniversary

Lil Kim – “Hard Core” Album Anniversary

Lil Kim released her debut album “Hard Core” on November 12th 1996.  The album was produced mostly by Puff Daddy and reached as high as #11 on the Billboard Album Charts and #3 on the Billboard Rap Album Charts.

The album begins with the funky “Big Momma Thang” featuring Jay Z where she gets “as nasty as she wants to be” and leaves us with our mouths open with the lines,

“I used to be scared of the d*ck
Now I throw lips to the sh*t
Handle it like a real b*tch
Heather Hunter, Janet Jack-me
Take it in the butt, yah, yazz wha”

“No Time” featuring Puff Daddy gives us a glimpse of Lil Kim’s obsessions that include riches and of course (you guessed it) sexual escapades.

“Before you nut, I’ma dribble down your butt cheeks
Make you wiggle, then giggle just a little
I’m drinkin babies, then I cracks for the Mercedes”

Both “Crush On You” and “Drugs” were banging in their own right (both feature the Notorious BIG) but “Queen Bitch” steals the show!  She is relentless and vicious when she raps,

“If peter piper pecked em, I betcha biggie bust em
He probably tried to f*ck him, I told him not to trust him
Lyrically, I dust em, off like Pledge
Hit hard like sledge-hammers, bitch with that platinum grammar
I am a diamond cluster hustler
Queen bitch, supreme bitch
Kill a n*gga for my n*gga by any means bitch
Murder scene bitch
Clean bitch, disease free bitch”

This has to be the hardest hitting track on the album. “Not Tonight” was dope but not as the remix that included verses by Angie Martinez, Left Eye, Da Brat and Missy Elliott was not included on the album.

Hard Core has to be one of the greatest freshman albums by a female mc!  She continued giving us great albums but her first is probably her best!

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