Kurupt – “Tha Streetz Iz A Mutha” Album Anniversary

Kurupt – “Tha Streetz Iz A Mutha” Album Anniversary

Kurupt released his second studio Album “Tha Streetz Iz A Mutha” on Oct 2nd 1999.  It was his first album after his departure from Death Row Records and reached as high as #5 on the Billboard Rap Album Charts.  It was produced by various producers including his Dogg Pound partner Daz, Fredwreck, Organized Noize and others.

The album starts with Kurupt dropping some scientific-like lyrics on “I Call Shots”.

“Psychosomatic, automatic static
Catatonic, supersonic, bubonic chronic addict
Astrononimcal in the thunderdome center
In the depths of the dungeon, dangerous, dastardly
Catastrophes, metamorphosize into a pit”

It then leads into the NWA “Quiet On Tha Set” sampled song “Loose Cannons” that then leads to the west coast funk influenced “Who Rides Wit Us?”  He then borrows Nate Dogg for the hook on “Girlz All Pause” and Dr Dre to produced the bangin “Ho’s a Housewife”.  But two tracks steal the show off this album.  The first is “Trilogy” where Kurupt shows us he’s more than just a “gangsta rapper”.  He spits,

“Rainstorm the back of the bank, bustin loose like Muggsy
Typhoons, Kurupt Calhoun
With a platoon of backwards ass buffoons
Ready to shoot anything that moves
Load to tunes from “the blue lagoon”
Mask on, khakis, ounced on house shoes”

Only problem is that the track is only 2:15 minutes long!  The last track on this album is the hidden “Calling Out Names” where he goes after DMX and his ex-girlfriend Foxy Brown, as well as 50 Cent and Ja Rule.  The lethal diss goes to the jugular with,

“Muthaf*ck D
Muthaf*ck M
Only X,I know is Xzibit or RBX
Extraordinary, trynna snatch my b*tch
You can have the b*tch, two b*tches gettin’ rich
Just to come to the west coast and get stripped down
Beat to death and stripped, all over a b*tch
Now it’s 50 mc’s that ain’t worth sh*t
Get ya ass kicked 50 times, beat to 10 cent”

This album is probably Kurupt’s best effort and will have you bobbin your head for days!

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