Kool G Rap & DJ Polo – “Live and Let Die” Album Anniversary

Kool G Rap & DJ Polo – “Live and Let Die” Album Anniversary

Kool G Rap & DJ Polo released their last studio album as a duo on November 24 1992.  The album was produced mostly by Sir Jinx and Kool G Rap himself.  The album cover has Kool G Rap & DJ Polo serving raw meat to rottweilers while 2 men hang in the background.  Warner Bros stopped selling the album due to th lyrics contained in the album and also due to the cover photo.

The album has some great cuts that include “Straight Jacket” and the Juice Crew collab “#1 With A Bullet” featuring Big Daddy Kane.  But Kool G Rap is best known for his crime story telling as he does on “On The Run” and the jazz influenced “Ill Street Blues”.  On “Ill Street Blues” he delivers that slow flow story telling rhyme,

“Suckers I clobber, because my town is full of cops and robbers
You’re not promised tomorrow in this Little Shop of Horrors
So I got to get with the business of hit quick
Moneygrip’s pocket’s looking thick so I stick Slick
Hold it right here, hands in the air, I know you got the loot
Or better yet, face down on the ground, empty your pockets troop
Hit the deck I got the Tech right on your neck
And I expect to make a buck to heck with a traveller’s check
But if a vic’ tries to choke me
I’ll have to smoke him like I’m Smokey the Bear, so okie dokie
Goodbye, or bon voyage, have a good journey
Don’t even try begging for your life, that don’t concern me”

He is also know for his sex rhymes and how graphic the man can get.  He get’s busy on the appropriate “F*ck U Man” and especially on “Operation Cock Block”.  Sir Jinx is the “cock blocker” getting in the way of Kool G Rap’s action!

“Feelin her ass, and damn the sh*t is soft
“Aiyyo baby, why don’t you take your shirt and pants off?”
I got the whore ready to let a n*gga score
*knocking* Yo who the F*CK is at my door?
*knocking* Now she’s annoyed, and boy I got some luck
I cracked the door, “Yo Jinx, what the F*CK is up?”

“Aiyyo G man, I just, y’know, I wanna get some water and sh*t
You know I’m kind of thirsty knahmsayin homey? Heh heh”

The track is hilarious with Kool G Rap getting absolutely none of that…

The highlight of the album is the last track “2 To The Head” that has Kool G Rap dropping murder ryhmes with Ice Cube, Scarface and Bushwick Bill.  Again, Kool G Rap steals the show with his ultra violent lyrics,

“Run em down and gun em down yeah that’s how we do it
N*ggaz get killed, and then filled with embalmin fluid
Step to the n*ggaz that I’m checkin
Pull out the tec and I reckon you’ll get murdered in a second
Bang with the nine, boom with the pow
Motherf*ckers are fallin and crawlin on the ground
Snitches get stitches, bitches that act snotty
inside the parties even the hotties get turned to bodies”

The torch get’s passed from MC to MC while they all murder that beat!  Kool G Rap & DJ Polo don’t dissapoint as they did with their previous 2 releases.


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