iSHI & Pusha T “Push It”

iSHI & Pusha T “Push It”
Introducing iSHI aka Ash Pournouri who is the Swedish Producer who is often referred to as the guy that makes Aviici tick. He is the founding father of At Night Management and PRMD. His next adventure is to cross the music genre lines into hip hop which was a big part of his youth. His first submission into the Hip Hop game is “Push It” with Pusha T and its dope! I think we are going to see alot from iSHI in the future

iSHI & Pusha T “Push It”

[Verse 1: Pusha T]
Push it to the limit, if you wanna win it
Harbor no room for the weak, nor the timid
Been too long, you got accustomed to the gimmicks
It’s like they don’t care that the real is at the finish
No blemish, no honor
Let the flutes go, the snake charmer
The kingpin of every street corner
You can’t say I never didn’t warn ya

[Hook: Pusha T]
Rockin’ with the mothafuckin’ greatest, I push it
I push it

[Verse 2: Pusha T]
I’ve been pushin’, yes I’ve been cookin’
Road trips, them wrists, they’ve been tooken
Been ballin’, hoes, they’ve been lookin’
I first class your flights, I’ve been bookin’
One in Bed-Stuy, she’s so Brooklyn
I can’t dodge her, she’s so Crooklyn
They let the crooks in, we let the guns blow
All you see is brake lights through the gun smoke

[Hook: Pusha T]

Johnny V

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