Ice Cube – “Wicked” Single Anniversary

Ice Cube – “Wicked” Single Anniversary

Ice Cube dropped his intro single to his third studio album The Predator on October 21st 1992.  The single was produced by Torture Chamba and also introduces us to Don Jagwarr who sings a ragamuffin hook on the track!  The track was in response of the LA Riots that started on April 29th 1992 because of the “Not Guilty” verdict of the Rodney King trial.  He reminds us,

“April 29th was power to the people
and we might just see a sequel
cause police got equal pay
A horse is a pig that don’t fly straight
Doin Darryl Gates but is Willie Williams
down with the pilgrims?”
The video reenacted some of the chaos that happened on the streets of South Central LA with Anthony Kiedis and Flea from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers running amuck in the video.  A couple of rock versions have been made of this song but will always be a reminder of what happened when justice is not served.

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