Ice Cube – “War & Peace Volume 1” Album Anniversary

Ice Cube – “War & Peace Volume 1” Album Anniversary

Ice Cube released his fifth studio album “War and Peace Volume 1 (The War Disc)” on November 17, 1998.  The album reached #7 on the first week it was released on the Billboard Top 200 Album charts.  The album was produced by various producers including T-Mix, Bud’da, N.O. Joe, and E-A-Ski.

The album starts off nicely with “Ask About Me” where he goes bananas on a dope track by T Mix!

“”Freeze” was the sound
I started lettin’ off rounds,
lay the whole f*ckin’ room down
I don’t wanna see Your Honor,
Ratha eat piranha from Benihana,
Smokin’ marijuana in my sauna,
I done hade it with these attics and f*ggots,
They them rattic causin’ static,
bring me my A-U-T-O-matic,
oh n*ggaz wanna se how we ride
Bitch, you know the muthaf*ckin’ side,
world muthaf*ckin’ wide.”

We then get “Pushin Weight” where Cube pushes rhymes like dope dealers push drugs, “since the 10th grade”.  “F*ck Dying”  is a mix of dope beats with heavy guitar riffs courtesy of Korn where Cube rather live to see the “fruits of his labor” than die.

“Ghetto Vet” is the standout cut with Cube storytelling about getting shot during a drug sale.  He gets hit in the back and becomes paralyzed and wheel chair ridden. The song is a clear reminder to all those kids that if you drug push, you might be getting pushed (around in a wheelchair).

“I meet doctor who at King Drew medical center
as I enter I.C.U.
he said the bullet hit a nerve that was vital
I said I can’t move my legs he said don’t try to
now this ain’t the end my friend but you’ll probably never walk again
I sit there motionless holdin’ this pain inside contemplating suicide
at night I jerk and jerk
but my dick don’t work it don’t even hurt (damn)
now who’d ever thought a n*gga rude as Ice Cube
I be pissin’ through a tube Fool i’m a vet”

“War & Peace” and “The Pecking Order” round off the album that is a fresh reminder that Cube was still relevant even after a 5 years without an album.


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