Ice Cube – “The Predator” Album Anniversary

Ice Cube – “The Predator” Album Anniversary

Ice Cube released his third studio album “The Predator” on November 17th 1992.  This album was released 7 months after the “LA Riots” and is Ice Cube’s most successful album when it comes to sales.  The album was produced by various producers including DJ Pooh, DJ Muggs and Sir Jinx.

The album starts off with “When Will They Shoot” that samples Queen’s “We Will Rock You” where he goes after the people that are claim he is anti-semitic with the verse,

“White man, is somethin I tried to study
But I got my hands bloody, yeah
They said I could sing like a Jaybird
But n*gga, don’t say the J-word
I thought they was buggin
cause to us Uncle Sam, is Hitler without an oven
Burnin our black skin
Buy my neighborhood – then push the crack in”

As stated before, the album was released soon after the Los Angeles Riots and has 2 songs that are dedicated to that historic event. “Wicked” has Don Jagwarr on the hook and Cube reminiscing about the riots and “We Had to Tear This Mothaf*cka Up”  were he told what would happen but we didn’t listen when he says,

“I told you all what happened and you heard it, read it
but all you could call me was anti-Semitic
Regret it-nope, said it-yep
Listen to my big black boots as I step
N*ggas had to break you off somethin, give Bush a push
But your National Guard ain’t hard
You had to get Rodney to stop me cos you know what?
We woulda teared this muthaf*cka up”

The two singles “Check Yo Self” and most importantly “It Was A Good Day” is what sold this album.  “Check Yo Self” gives us a glimpse of how bad prison is and to “check ourselves before we wreck ourselves”.  On “It Was A Good Day” Cube remembers the perfect day in LA where he got he breakfast, played basketball, got laid, got some Fat Burger and no one got killed and he didn’t get pulled over by the cops!  This album has his moments but is half the album the previous two were!

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