Ice Cube – “Death Certificate” Album Anniversary

Ice Cube – “Death Certificate” Album Anniversary

Ice Cube dropped his second studio album “Death Certificate” on October 29th 1991.  The album had controversy due to the cover of Cube standing on top of Uncle Sam’s dead body at the morgue with a toe-tag.  The album was mostly produced by Sir Jinx and Boogieman and it was a departure from the east coast sounding first album “Amerikkkas Most Wanted” produced by the Bomb Squad.  The album is considered a “Hip Hop Classic” by the majority of rap aficionados.  The album is divided in two parts, the Death Side and the Life Side.


He gets even with all the “haters” on “The Wrong N*gga To F*ck Wit”, moves to Missouri to sell drugs on “My Summer Vacation”, tells us that a gun is “Man’s Best Friend”, and tells his lady friends dad how “loose” his daughter is on “Giving Up The Nappy Dugout”.  “Steady Mobbin” takes us on a tour of South Central LA and Cube even has time to get to the hotel for some extra curricular activities.   The one song that shines more than any other on the “Death Side” is “A Bird In The Hand”.  It’s 2 minutes and 17 seconds of uncut dopeness were Cube drops knowledge about being a young dad,
“Fresh out of school cause I was a high school grad
Gots to get a job ’cause I was a high school dad
Wish I got paid like I was rappin’ to the nation
But that’s not likely so here’s my application
Pass it to the man at AT&T
‘Cause when I was in school I got the A-E-E
But there’s no S.C. for this youngsta
I didn’t have no money so now I have to hunch the
Back like a slave, that’s what be happenin’
But whitey says there’s no room for the African
Always knew that I would clock G’s
But welcome to McDonald’s can I take your order please!”


The second side of this album is more on the “political” and “race relations” side of the rap game. He questions joining the army in “I Wanna Kill Sam”, tells Caucasians to “step off the sistas” in “Horny Lil Devil” and tells drug dealers to build markets instead of “gold and Cadillacs” on “Us”.  “Black Korea” is a track aimed at Koreans that build their liquor stores in the hood only to harass the neighborhood clients.  During the 1992 riots, it all came to fruition when Korean stores were “burned down to a crisp”.  This stirred a swarm of controversy.  The posse cut “Color Blind” features Deadly Threat, Kam, WC, King Tee and J-Dee, but the highlight of the entire album is the grand finale track (and one of the greatest diss songs of all time) “No Vaseline”.  Cube is merciless going after former mates DJ Yella, MC Ren, Dr Dre and especially Eazy E!

“Now I think you a snitch
Throw a house n*gga in a ditch
Half-pint b*tch, f*ckin’ your homeboys
You little maggot Eazy E turned f*ggot”

This ended the NWA-Cube feud with Ice Cube being the decisive winner.  This album is on fire from the opening track to the final diss track!  He was able to do what many cannot, have his second album trump his freshman LP.  Nobody slept on this classic!






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  1. Probably my number 1 favorite rap album period. To me it was perfect timing, I was anxious to hear his new album for one, was in high school living the thug life and I needed to hear realness and learn about what was going on in other hoods besides the city where I lived. He set the bar real high for rap artists. I was feeling everything he was sayin. I made it mandatory for my son to listen to in its entirety, even though he got mad oh well this is real hip hop son! Lol. My favs on here were color blind, my summer vacation, true to the game, alive on arrival and the classic A bird in the hand! Sir Jinx is a genius! Much love and respect Cube!

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