“House Party” – Movie Anniversary

“House Party” – Movie Anniversary

“House Party” starring rappers Kid N Play was a comedy film released on March 9, 1990.  The movie revolves around Play hosting the party of all house parties while his parents are away on vacation and Kid trying to sneak into the party without his father’s consent.  The movie also stars Full Force, Groove B Chill, Martin Lawrence, Tisha Campbell and the late Robin Harris that passed away 9 days after the premier of a heart attack.

While Kid tries to sneak off to the party, he bumps into Full Force (the bullies) that try to beat the “hot top fade” off his head.  One of the funniest scenes in the movie is when Kid runs into George Clinton and George delivers the classic line after smashing Stab in the head with a record:

” Yeah, I did it, I might cry two tears in a bucket. Fuck it. Let’s take it to the stage!”

But everyone will remember this movie for the dance off and rap battle.  Who did it better than Kid N Play back in 1990?  Dancing?  Rapping?  Acting?  The guys had it all!

The rap battle was dope with Kid and Play going for the jugular way before Eminem killed Papa Doc on “8 Mile”  Play spits:

“Boy, you’re goin’ way out, I’m ready to serve you
If you can stay I’ll pass your Pop’s curfew
Look at him, already a has-been
Let Uncle Play say a rhyme that’ll tuck your ass in”

While Kid replies with:

“When it comes time to step to a mic I don’t sit around
Play, you know I don’t Kid around
So come with it, boy, don’t even hide your best
‘Cause ‘Kid’ spelled backwards describes you best”

John Witherspoon also has a cameo as the annoying neighbor (Public Enema?), Full Force has their “I Smell…” line, and Bilal and his bad breath are all hilarious parts of the movie but nothing beats Robin Harris and his “tough parenting” and the subliminal message that “safe sex is the best sex”.  When Kid gets to Tisha Campbell’s house, he gets the chance to close the deal but when he realizes he doesn’t have a condom, they pass for another day.  Great message for teenagers to avoid unwanted pregnancies and more importantly, to avoid an STD like…ummmm…HIV!!!

The movie was a smash and has a “cult following” to this day!  As for the sountrack, it was a mixture of R&B and Hip Hop tracks.

  1. “Why You Get Funky on Me” – 3:40 (Today)
  2. “What a Feeling” – 6:40 (Arts & Crafts)
  3. “Jive Time Sucker” – 4:56 (Force MD’s)
  4. “House Party” – 5:40 (Full Force, Lisa Lisa, UTFO)
  5. “This Is Love” – 2:50 (Kenny Vaughan & the Art of Love)
  6. “I Can’t Do Nuttin’ for Ya Man” –  4:23 (Flavor Flav)
  7. “Fun House” – 4:27  (Kid N Play)
  8. “To Da Break Of Dawn” – 4:22 (LL Cool J)
  9. “Kid Vs. Play” – 5:17 (Kid ‘n Play)
  10. “I Ain’t Going Out Like That” – 3:42 (Zan)
  11. “Surely” – 3:46 (Arts & Crafts)
  12. “Ain’t My Type of Hype” – 3:43 (Full Force)
  13. “Always and Forever” – (Heatwave)

The album standout cuts belong to Kid N Plays “Fun House”, LL Cool J’s diss record “To Da Break Of Dawn”, Flavor Flav’s “I Can’t Do Nuttin for Ya Man” and the ultra funky “Aint My Type Of Hype” by Full Force.  The movie and soundtrack left a definite mark in Hip Hop history.  They crossed over to the mainstream yet kept us laughing and wanting more without calling them “sellouts”.  I just saw it again while writing this review, and I laughed at all the funny parts all over again!  I wish I had a De Lorean!

-Al E.

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