House of Pain – Jump Around Anniversary

House of Pain – Jump Around Anniversary (Back In The Day Buffet)

On May 5th, 1992 – House of Pain released the iconic song “Jump Around.” The song has become a staple in Hip-Hop and is usually heard at many parties that need to get a crowd “Up” and jumping around.

Produced by DJ Muggs, the track reached #3 on the Billboard Hits chart. For most Hip-Hop heads this was the first time they heard Everlast display why he is an emcee not to be messed with.

The video was shot during the St Patricks Day Parade in New York City. The remix was produced by Pete Rock and in some circles is considered better than the classic original.

What do you think?? Original or Pete Rock Remix??

DJ WorksHard for Back In The Day Buffet

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