Heavy D & The Boys – “Living Large” Album Anniversary

Heavy D & The Boys – “Living Large” Album Anniversary


On October 25th 1987, Heavy D dropped his debut album “Living Large”. The album was produced by DJ Eddie F, Teddy Riley and Marley Marl.  Although the album never went gold, it is considered by many as a Hip Hop classic.  The album contained Heavy’s first single, “Mr. Big Stuff” and it begins where the Fat Boys left off.  Heavy D’s presence was that of the x-large guy that is “huggable and loveable”.

He gloats, “I’m the overweighter, prince dominator
Emcee Heavy D, constant weight gainer!
And since I choose, the weight not to lose
I will stay THIS way, so that I can bruise
emcees around, who front and frown
You go round for round, I go pound for pound
At the end of the party when you’re sayin g’night
Don’t come to me and say “take it light”
I’m your Mr. Big Stuff”
Everyone loved Heavy D and this album is where we first get a glimpse.  The tracks, “Overweight Lover” and “Chunky But Funky” talk about how the girls love him yet he’s tips the scale in weight and charm.  The only “love song” on this album is “Don’t You Know” which features original member of the Boys, Al B Sure.  It’s not really a “song” per-se.  It has Heavy talking on top of a slow tempo beat and Al B Sure singing in the background.  The funkiest track on the album is “Money Earnin Mount Vernon” where Heavy raps about his childhood and neighborhood spots.  The video takes us on a tour of Mt Vernon with appearances by Dana Dane and Salt N Pepa.  The Overweight Lover’s freshman album is one LP you cant overlook!

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