Greatest Diss Track In Hip-Hop History

Greatest Diss Track In Hip-Hop History??

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Personally, “Ether” and “Bridge Is Over” are two of the Greatest Diss Tracks. When I first heard “Hit Em Up” I couldn’t believe how HARD that song went at everyone! I would say it goes harder than “Ether” only Tupac really just seemed angry and wanted to murder Bad Boy and any artist that had something to say about him. That one is definitely in my Top 5 Hip-Hop Diss Tracks.

50 Cent’s “How To Rob” is a favorite primarily because it was the first time I heard Fifty, and it’s like the comedic version of “Hit Em Up.”  I remember rappers like Sticky Fingaz, Jay-Z and even Rae, Ghost and Rza all had lyrical jabs back at 50.  Too bad the damage was done.  50 was on his way to stardom (albeit a heated battle against Ja Rule/Murder Inc that tried to blackball Fifty from mainstream radio).

Canibus had one of the craziest and dopest Diss Tracks when he released with “Second Round K.O.” going at LL Cool J.  As the story goes, on LL’s 1,2,3,4 Canibus rhymed “L is that a mic on your arm? Let me borrow that,” to which LL took offense.  After responding later in the song with a verse of his own, LL gave Canibus an opportunity to change the lyrics to which he agreed.  Can-I-Bus’ original verse leaked and the feud ensued.  Cool J responded to with “The Ripper Strikes Back” and “Back Where I Belong” but if you’re a fan of Hip-Hop it’s hard to say that those hold a candle to “Second Round K.O.”

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