Grandmaster Flash – “Flash is fast, Flash is cool”

Grandmaster Flash – “Flash is fast, Flash is cool”

Grandmaster Flash.  He didn’t invent the scratch, but he definitely perfected it and took it to a level some DJ’s almost 40 years later cannot reach.  He also invented the backspin technique and punch phrasing and is probably the best ever behind the wheels of steel.  He is also the most celebrated DJ in Hip Hop History.  “Flash is fast, Flash is cool”.  “He’s not Flash but he’s fast and his name is Jay!”.  “And on the other side of town was a kid named Flash”.  And the quotes go on and on!  He was a pert of one of the earliest and greatest rap groups of all time and is world renowned.  His greatest single “The Adventures of Grandmaster Flash on the Wheels of Steel” is still revered to this day and his group the Furious Five were the first Hip Hop act to get inducted in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame.  What more can we say about this guy?  Oh yeah…Happy Born Day and we hope you keep scratchin and mixin until the rims fall off!

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