Foxy Brown – “Ill Na Na” Album Anniversary

Foxy Brown – “Ill Na Na” Album Anniversary

Foxy Brown released her debut album “Ill Na Na” on November 19th 1996.  The album was mostly produced by Trackmasters and had guest appearances by Jay Z, Havoc, Method Man and others.

The albums first song “Holy Matrimony” uses the frequently used piano sample of Isaac Hayes “Ike’s Mood” (Mary J Blige, Biz Markie, MC Shy D, etc) to show her love for her clique “The Firm”.  She then goes on to give respects to LL Cool J on the track “Foxy’s Bells” that also samples the same beat on “Rock The Bells”.  We then get a dose of some R&B influenced bounce on “Take Me Home” featuring Teddy Riley and Backstreet.  This is where Foxy shines with the slow flow giving props to her male companion.  She sells it well with,

“Grabbed me by the hand and led the way
Outside of the club talkin to Valet
Mind started to stray, million miles away
Contemplatin goin back to his crib to par-lay
Jumped in the passenger seat, relaxed my feet
As he threw on Blacksteet casually
And we cruised the metro, on premium petrol
I sized up my thighs and couldn’t let go”

She also shines with Havoc on the Mobb Deep influenced “The Promise” and kicks it with Method man on the title track “Ill Na Na”.  The girl can hold her own amongst her male rap counterparts, but “I’ll Be” featuring Jay Z is strictly for the radio with the funk sampled “I’ll Be Good”

She gave us a taste when she made cameos with Case, Jay Z and LL Cool J, and this album does not disappoint.  This has to be one of the nicest debut albums by a female MC in Hip Hop history.  If you have any question on her lyrical ability, just listen to “The Chase”.  Girl’s got bars!!!

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