DJ Quik “Safe + Sound”… DJ Puicy Juice Takes A Look Back To 20 Years Ago

DJ Quik “The P-Funk Master”

DJ Quik “Safe + Sound”… DJ Puicy Juice Takes A Look Back To 20 Years Ago – “Safe + Sound” the third release from DJ Quik is in many ways the quintessential G-Funk album from the quintessential P-Funk master.  Many would argue that Dr Dre and “The Chronic” are the standards to which west coast rap is measured; however, I would argue that DJ Quik, while not the grandfather of the genre, was the man who defined the sound and feel to a whole era of music.  David Blake aka DJ Quik started his career shortly after entering high school by releasing mixtapes and hosting neighborhood parties, a few of the songs from “Safe +Sound” like “Summer Breeze” and “Tanqueray (Bonus Track)” actually seem based on these early times in his career.  First signed to Profile Records in 1990, by 1995 DJ Quik had two solo albums to his credit as well as scheduled production and guest vocal work with artists like 2nd II None, Tha Dogg Pound, and 2Pac.  With Suge Knight executive producing, DJ Quik set to work with guest artists 2nd II None, Kam, Hi-C, and Playa Hamm on the creation of the songs that would become “Safe + Sound”.  What the finish product became is a classic, an album when listened to that can transport you to a time and place, where summer seems to last year round and life is nothing but blunts, bitches, and beer; where a line or a hook can put a smile on your face or make you gasp.  If someone from today were to describe what the G-Funk, west coast sound was – this is the album you could point to and say “This is the Encyclopedia Britannica”!

DJ Quik Creates A Classic

You can’t go wrong with any of the songs on this album, right from the start with “Get At Me” all the way through to “Hooray 4 the Funk” each song is expertly produced.  DJ Quik may not be the greatest of lyricists (no one has ever mistaken him for Rakim), but he has a fantastic way of just stating the truth and sounding good doing it, just listen to “Summer Breeze” or “Somethin 4 Tha Mood”.  When he’s not making you laugh at something witty he’s killin’ it with his take on women, which as one would assume is the normal misogynistic lyrics.  Unlike his Northern Cali brethren Too $hort, DJ Quik is less about pimpin hoes then it is about gettin nasty and being nasty, which he showcases on songs like “Diggin’ U Out”, “Tha Ho In You” (Featuring Hi-C & 2nd II None), and the hilarious “Can I Eat It?”  Finally the two best tracks on the album are “Dollaz + Sense” and the “Bonus Track (Tanqueray)“.  “Dollaz + Sense” is the classic dis track that DJ Quik wrote in regards to MC Eiht and AMG.  In the song he completely unloads both figuratively and literally – “You can’t even look me in my eye, let alone go toe to toe And callin me skinny, youse a clown I’ma call you Theo, cause you weigh ninety-two point three pounds Wack ass actor, movie script killer Fool don’t you know, Quik is still the nigga!”- and at one point even lets everyone know that- “But before I nut I shoot some piss in your face!”  Definitely one of the hardest dis tracks ever written.  And last but not least the hidden track that is a commercial for hard alcohol, partying, and fun- “Tanqueray”.  Originally listed as “Bonus Track”, the song describes a weekend bender through the eyes of DJ Quik under the influence of his favorite liquor Tanqueray.  The beat is dope, the lyrics on point, the song is so good it could make the staunchest Teetotaler say “Pour Me Some Tanqueray!”  All in all, there are some all time classic beats on this album, and while the lyrics are not of the elite class, this album will leave you revering the man known as “Quik”

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