“Business as Usual” by EPMD -25 Year Anniversary

“Business as Usual” by EPMD -25 Year Anniversary:  “Business as Usual” by EPMD was their third album from Erick Sermon and Parrish Smith. Their name translates to Erick and Parrish Making Dollars – EPMD. They were known as EEPMD back in the day for Easy Erick and Parrish the Microphone Doctor but decided to drop the first E since Eazy-E was already using the name and it was just easier to say. The duo is from Brentwood NY and have gone thru a few DJ’s from Diamond D to DJ K La Boss and currently use DJ Scratch. They have dropped 2 other albums previous to “Business as Usual” with “Strictly Business” in 1988 and “Unfinished Business” in 1989. “Business as Usual” released on December 18th 1990 and was the first release under the Def Jam’s new subsidiary Rush Associated Labels. The subsidiary gave Russell Simmons more power and ownership over the music since the releases under Def Jam were currently owned by Sony Music’s Columbia Records. Although their first two albums received better ratings their third installment was not a dud especially since the album debuted a guest who would soon change the hip hop world Redman. Reggie was on 2 songs from the album “Hardcore” & “Brothers on My Jock”.

The three singles from the album were “Gold Digger” which featured samples from James Brown, Lyn Collins, Funkadelic, The Boogie Boys and Denroy Morgan, “Rampage (Slow Down, Baby)” which featured LL Cool J and samples from B.T. Express, Lowell Fulson & Mandrill & Marley Marl & Kool G Rap vocals, and  “Give the People” which had samples from White Band, The O’Jays and Public Enemy.

Gold Digger and Rampage climbed as high as #1 and #2 on the Hot Rap Singles charts. It was certified Gold on May 7th 1991 and even ranked in the top 100 Best Rap Albums according to The Source.

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