Buffy, The Human Beat Box-20 years anniversary R.I.P.

Buffy, The Human Beat Box-20 years anniversary R.I.P.: Darren Robinson aka Buffy the Human Beat Box aka DJ Doctor Nice tragically passed away December 10th 1995. This year marks the 20th anniversary of his death and we here at Back In The Day Buffet wanted to honor him with some of our favorite Fat Boy songs. Darren grew up in Rosedale, Queens New York and was born June 10th 1967. He was a key piece in the Fat Boys who formed in the early 1980’s. Big Buff Love, the Human Beatbox linked up with Prince Markie Dee and Kool Rock-Ski who originally called themselves the Disco 3 before changing the group’s name. They won a rap contest in Brooklyn in 1984 which led to a record deal and promotional tour in Europe. The 3 had racked up huge room service bills which infuriated the promoter who called them the Fat Boys.

The Fat Boys dropped their self-titled debut album “The Fat Boys” produced by Kurtis Blow on May 29th 1984 which featured the singles “Jail House Rap” and “Can You Feel It?”. It also had a track called “Human Beat Box” which showcased Buffy’s beatboxing skills. The came back with their sophomore album on June 1st 1985 “The Fat Boys Are Back” which was again produced by Kurtis Blow and featured the popular single “The Fat Boys Are Back”.

Their 3rd album “Big & Beautiful” released on May 6th 1986 featured the popular hit single “Sex Machine” which featured Bobby Byrd, Ron Lenhoff & James Brown. Although the 2nd and 3rd album didn’t do as well as the first album it was their 4th “Crushin’” which literally did crush all their other albums. The album peakied at #8 on the US Billboard and #4 on US R&B Billboard. Dropping on August 14th 1987 this was their first installment not under the Sutra label. After completing 3 albums with Sutra they dropped their next 3 with Polydor.

“Crushin’” featured their biggest single “Wipeout” which featured the beach boys singing back-up vocals.
That same year the group starred in the comedy film “Disorderlies” with Ralph Bellamy. The group also starred in the 1985 hip hop classic film by Run-D.M.C. “Krush Groove”. They dropped 2 more albums “Coming Back Hard Again” in 88’ & “On and On” in 89’ before Prince Markie Dee left to pursue a solo career. After making 6 albums in 6 consecutive years from 1984-1989 for the first year in 1990 the Fat Boys didn’t drop an album. Buff Love and Kool Rock Ski rallied to release “Mack Daddy” under their new label Emperor the very next year. The group disbanded soon after and on December 10th 1995 we lost Buffy Love to a heart attack, he was just 28 years old at the time. Today marks the 20th anniversary of a beat boxing hip hop legend.

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