Black Sheep – “Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing” Album Anniversary

Black Sheep – “Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing” Album Anniversary
Black Sheep dropped their debut album, “Wolf In Sheeps Clothing” on October 22nd 1991.  The album peaked at #30 on the Billboard Charts and is considered by many as a Hip Hop classic.  The album as has one of the funniest first songs to an album ever.  “U Mean I’m Not” has Dres rapping about how gangsta he is from time he wakes up to the time the school bus comes around.  He then wakes up to find out he was just dreaming.  The first single “Flavor of the Month” has Dres dropping dope lyrics,
“So you got the fever for the flavor of the other
Chocolate, sasspirilla, or is it you like another
Flavor in my socks, to the curly locks
Black Sheep rollin’ hard and knockin’ peons out the box”
Their second single and their most memorable song  “The Choice Is Yours” is what makes this album so memorable.  Car commercials have been made to this song.  It asks the question, “You can get with this/or you can get with that”.  Everyone and “their mama” knows the “engine engine number 9” line!  “Strobelite Honey” speaks on girls you meet at dark nightclubs and “Butt In The Meantime” and “Similak Child” round off what has to be one of the greatest albums in the Native Tongues line of hits.  Lasty, “For Doz That Slept” is a track that probably has the record for most “F*ck You’s!” in a song.  Unfortunately their second album flopped and they were never able to spark that flame again!  This album alone is enough to make Black Sheep a household name that true Hip Hoppers will never forget.

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