Black Moon Enta Da Stage Album Anniversary

Black Moon Enta Da Stage Album Anniversary

Black Moons debut album “Enta Da Stage” dropped back on October 19th 1993.  The album was produced by DJ Evil Dee and Mr Walt and it is considered one of the most underappreciated and slept on albums in Hip Hop history.  Although true Hip Hop fans embraced the album it did not reach gold status.  The album starts off nicely with “Powaful Impak!” fueled by some fierce rhymes by Buckshot and a clever Busta Rhymes sample.  Buckshot cleverly raps,
“Fee, to the Fi, to the Fo, to the Funk
I pop junk and keep the bump in the trunk
Puff the skunk and get high, Oh lord
Get on my skateboard and do a mother*ckin’ driveby!”
He then continues on the lead single, “Who Got The Props” saying,
“One Mississippi, two Mississippi
Sucker tried to diss me
Ao I played him like
A hippie from the 60’s
But I’m a get paid from the 90’s
Quick to play you
Little Rascals out like Stymie”
Buckshot is the heart and soul of this LP.  “How Many MC’s” rips sucker mc’s apart, “Buck Em Down” and “I Got Cha Opin” are the other two singles off this classic album only to be trumped by their remixes not included on the album.  “Black Smif-N-Wesson introduces us to his crew and the final track is a posse cut that includes Dru-Ha, Smif-N-Wesson and Havoc from Mobb Deep.  Anyone who is a true Hip Hop fan would of copped this album the day it dropped and would still be listening to it today!

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