Best Hip-Hop Debut Albums – Round 2

Best Hip-Hop Debut Albums – Round 2


It should be stated, again, that this is Album vs Album, not who had the bigger impact or longevity in the game.  For me, I feel Brand Nubian’s “One For All” is a better album than Run-DMC’s self-titled debut.  Obviously Run-DMC’s history can’t be questioned.  A Tribe Called Quest beat out DJ Quik and Run-DMC triumphed over Brand Nubian.  De La Soul narrowly defeated Krs-One.  And by narrow we’re talking “c” hair.  Dre has the obvious advantage over Main Source.

EPMD was another close one against Public Enemy and came out the winner.  One seed Nas defeated Smif-n-Wessun and Notorious BIG is still going strong with a win over Gang Starr.

Ice Cube VS Ghostface Killah had some of the most interactions between fans.  In the end Cube prevailed.  N.W.A eazily (see what I did there?) beat Eazy-E in what may have seemed like a silly matchup, if you don’t realize how the votes were tallied and arranged.  Raekwon VS Big Daddy Kane was real close.  The Wu-Tang matchups have garnered the most interaction and heads can all take a sigh of relief to know that the Purple Tape beat out BDK and is on to the next round.

Wu-Tang Clan and Kool G Rap was another great matchup that came down to production for most.  Wu-Tang fans can rejoice as Enter The 36 Chambers made it to the next round.  The D.O.C. beat Jeru The Damaja and Redman upset Pete Rock & CL Smooth.  Beastie Boys saw a great matchup against the Ultramagnetic MC’s and yes, Beastie Boys won.  Boogie Down Productions beat out LL Cool J in a real close matchup between 2 solid Old School/Golden Age Hip-Hop albums.  One Seed Eric B & Rakim was no match for Black Moon.


Best Hip-Hop Debut Albums - Round 2 - Bracket Challenge
Best Hip-Hop Debut Albums – Round 2 – Bracket Challenge

The first round is in the books with only a couple real upsets. Third seed Snoop Dogg’s “Doggystyle” lost to fourteenth seed Big Daddy Kane’s “Long Live The Kane.” The other notable upset would be tenth seed Gang Starr’s “No More Mr. Nice Guy” over seventh seed Jungle Brothers and in a matchup of eight seed vs ninth seed Black Moon’s debut “Enta Da Stage” narrowly defeated Scarface and his “Mr Scarface Is Back” debut.

You can jump to the Full Bracket here to check out the challenge and rules as to how we came up with this game.

The overall feedback has been tremendous. It took a few days for people to understand how the game was setup. This will be one of the toughest rounds. More to come!

DJ WorksHard / Back In The Day Buffet

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