Best Hip-Hop Debut Albums – Elite 8

Best Hip-Hop Debut Albums – Elite 8

You knew it was only going to get harder.  64 of the top Hip-Hop Debut Albums narrowed down to 16.  And now the Elite 8.  Albums that made the 64 were voted on by YOU!  The Sweet Sixteen round saw the fall of two #1 seeds.

Some great matchups this round and a few stunning upsets.  Dr. Dre’s “The Chronic” beat Run-DMC’s self titled debut and will face De La Soul’s “3 Feet High and Rising” after defeating A Tribe Called Quest.

Boogie Down Productions upset Eric B & Rakim in what had the most total votes of any matchup to date.  Over 500 votes for “Criminal Minded” and “Paid In Full.”  This is pure hip-hop at its finest.

In what was criticized as an “East Coast” bias the N.W.A vs Ice Cube matchup saw N.W.A take the match.  This one was close with N.W.A edging Ice Cube.  I guess the rest of the matchups must mean there is a West Coast bias?

Nas handled EPMD pretty well, as was to be expected.  Raekwon upset Biggie’s “Ready To Die” to advance to the Elite 8.  Nas seems to be a heavy favorite for champion if you read the comments.

Wu-Tang’s “Enter The 36 Chambers” defeated “Licensed To Ill” that saw another #1 seed upset.  Wu-Tang Clan also seems to be a heavy favorite and could potentially meet Nas’ “Illmatic” in the final four.

The D.O.C. vs Redman was a great matchup I thought.  For me these were probably the most underrated albums of the Sweet Sixteen round.  Redman’s “Whut? Thee Album” appeared to be the early favorite, however, “No One Can Do It Better” received more votes in the end.  This was the closest matchup.   A side note on this one; if you voted DOC, it was assumed you were voting for The D.O.C.  Those that voted Diggy Doc received an obvious vote for Reggie Noble.

Elite 8 - Best Hip-Hop Debut Albums Bracket Challenge
Elite 8 – Best Hip-Hop Debut Albums Bracket Challenge

* If you commented with a “Tie” or “Both” your vote didn’t count.  There are no ties.  Teams don’t share an NCAA title so why would you expect this challenge to be any different?

Elite 8 Matchups start Saturday April 4th.

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