Best Hip-Hop Debut Album Champion – Wu-Tang Clan

Best Hip-Hop Debut Album Champion – Wu-Tang Clan

In a heated contest of two of each coasts super groups the Wu-Tang Clan prevailed with their debut album “Enter The Wu-Tang – 36 Chambers.”  Production and lyrics seemed to be the main focus of the comments.  Each from two different eras in hip-hop, RZA’s beats seemed to overshadow those of Dr. Dre’s on “Straight Outta Compton.  It should also be noted that DJ Yella does have production credits on many of N.W.A.’s tracks off SOC.

From it’s opening track “Bring Da Ruckus,” Wu-Tang’s debut is as classic as any that you can go back and listen to today.  Go ahead.  Let it play while reading this.  Beats are on point.  Lyrics are gritty and in some instances out of this world.  36 Chambers is essentially the perfect debut for a hip-hop group.  There are too many albums, and even debut albums that don’t hold up over time.  If you were someone like myself who had this cd when it came out you can attest that listening to it today still brings back memories.  And if you weren’t a fan and still don’t care for the Clan, that’s ok.  You are entitled to your opinion.  You may be wrong but…

Can It Be All So Simple is as good as C.R.E.A.M. in my book.  And my book is more scrap paper with notes and anecdotes than chapters.  Protect Ya Neck and Da Mystery of Chessboxin were tracks that showcased the Wu as a force to be reckoned with. Everyone has their “go to” track and many even just press play. It is that good.

This album not only brought a new sound and style it gave us a whole slew of dope MC’s that have left an impact on the game.  It’s probably the reason that Wu-Tang Clan not only won the competition but why they have a strong presence among  younger hip-hop fans of today.  And if anyone of you are reading this you are a fan of that old school hip-hop we can agree that “rap music” of today is garbage.  There are many talented artists that are maintaining and making a statement, but overall it’s a sad state.  Even country artists are trying to spit.

At some points it became and East vs West thing.  Being from different times and styles this shouldn’t even be part of the discussion.  Are they different in their sounds and content? Absolutely.  Was the message out Straight Outta Compton vastly different than the appeal that 36 Chambers had when it dropped? Certainly.  That was essentially the point to this whole contest.  “How can you compare the two”? people complained.  It may have been hard and in some cases there was no right answer, however, it’s an opinion.  Music effects people differently.  There are some whack as hell rappers that I listen to.  Why? Maybe it’s because it’s funny to me or that’s how I feel at that given time.

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