AZ “Vintage” produced by Rodney Hazard

AZ “Vintage” produced by Rodney Hazard
Producer Rodney Hazard is preparing for his debut album to be released on March 31st “Victim, Volunteer”. His first leak to the album features the New York underground legend AZ on a track titled “Vintage”. AZ (Anthony Cruz) is considered one of the most underrated rappers of all time. He gained interest after appearing on Nas ‘s song “Life’s a Bitch” from the Illmatic album. He has dropped 8 solo albums and 1 huge collaboration with Nas & Foxy Brown on “The Firm”. The last album he released was in 2009, but rumors swirl of a “Doe or Die 2” album in the works. He also calls upon the help of DJ Mekalek for the cuts. When asked about the song AZ said “When I got the beat from Rodney, it was called “Paint”, so when I listened to it, it got me in that zone where I just had to paint poetry with my lyrics. When the record was completed, I was like damn this feels like it will be around forever, I need to call it ‘Vintage’”.

More information on the album can be found @RODNEY HAZARD

Johnny V 3/13/15

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