Action Bronson “Big League Chew”

Action Bronson “Big League Chew”

Arian Asllani better known as Action Bronson hails from Flushing, Queens, New York and is currently signed with Atlantic Records’ imprint Vice Records. Bronson grew up with an Albanian immigrant father and a Jewish New York mother. Bronson was a former gourmet chef, but now he cooks up fierce lines in the recording booth. He has been compared to Ghostface Killah often and says Kool G Rap is who he looks up to the most.

Currently Action Bronson is a few months away from dropping his debut album “Mr. Wonderful” but this week he gave us “Big League Chew” produced by The Alchemist. The song premiered on his webseries (Fuck That’s Delicious) which runs on the VICE site known as “Munchies”. Bronson is most recently known for his antics during a show where he took a Port-A-Potty break during his show, but never missed a beat and rapped the entire time while he relieved himself, opened the door, threw some toilet paper in the air, posed for a picture and returned the stage without stopping his flow once!

Although “Big League Chew” is not on the upcoming album and has been called a throwaway track with a sick beat, it really makes you wonder if a song like this are considered to be throwaway then I cannot imagine how dope the album will be!

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