Da Bush Babees “Ambushed”…Dj Puicy Juice Takes A Look Back To 20 Years Ago

In the summer of ’97, I was just getting back into the hip-hop and rap scene and Da Bush Babees  “Gravity” album had a profound effect on my feelings for hip-hop.  It was another year before I was able to procure their debut album “Ambushed” and I must say this album was much different from their sophomore effort.  While “Gravity” had much more of a Native Tongues relaxed vibe to it, “Ambushed” is a hyped mix of old school with a 90’s era New Yor”k sound, and don’t forget the strong Jamaican reggae influence.  “Remember We” is the closest they reach to their second album, much of the album sees Mr. Man and Babe-B-Face Kaos just going off in amped fashion.  This is a great album for the gym!  With production from Jermaine Dupri, back in his Kriss Kross days, plus Ali Shaheed Muhammed and Salaam Remi, the production really brings you back to a time and a place. With all that said, my favorite track is is the dark and deft “Da Ignorant No It All” featuring Babe-B-Face Kaos and Mellow E.  Mellow E would go on to change his stage name to Prime and drop some notable singles including the song “No Matter” off of Lyricist Lounge Vol I.  With so many classic and seminal albums released in 1994, this debut often gets lost in the shuffle, but do not sleep on “Ambushed”.  It is an album that had held up over the years and for its 20th anniversary give it a listen.

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