World Of Troop – Forgotten Hip Hop Sneaker

Troop-Trainer-Newcastle-_533x415Back in 1985 we were introduced to one of the greatest Hip Hop shoe ever invented.  Unlike the Adidas “Stan Smith” or “Superstar”, Troop was invented by Hip Hop heads during the “Golden Age” of Hip Hop.  Rappers like LL Cool J, Flavor Flav, MC Hammer, Ultramagnetic MC’s and Stetsasonic would sport the brand in their videos, album covers and posters.  The shoes had names like Cobra, Delta, Pro Edition and Ice Lamb.  But one day it all disappeared!  The brand that all the Hip Hoopers wore and wanted became  a brand no one wanted any part of.  People began to say that Troop meant “To Rule Over Oppressed People” and that if you ripped off the sole it would say “Thank you n*gger for buying these shoes”, which both rumors were not true.  Eventually the company folded, rappers and fans did not want any part of the brand and Troop filed for bankruptcy.  When MC Shan rapped, “PUMA’s the brand cause the Klan makes TROOPS” on “I Pioneered This” you knew the sneaker company was done!  What would the company be nowadays if it was never a victim of a vicious rumor?  We will never know!  But for a short time, it was the hottest brand to wear and if you loved Hip Hop, you had a pair of TROOPS!

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  1. I had a delta troop in my school days I actually sleep in da shot how I had love so bad I really appreciate if I get back one to buy back now

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