“Wild Style” – Movie Anniversary

“Wild Style” – Movie Anniversary

“Wild Style” the motion picture was released on March 18 1983.  The movie stars Fab Five Freddy, Grandmaster Flash, Cold Crush Brothers, Busy Bee, Lee Quinones, Rock Steady Crew and others.  It is considered one of the first and greatest Hip Hop movies in History.

The movie is mostly about graffiti artist “Zoro” (Lee Quinones) and his love for throwing pieces and burners on walls and trains.  The movie in reality is mostly about Hip Hop’s “Four Elements” and  it’s rural beginnings.  The movie doesn’t have a flow per se, but there are some classic clips in this movie that will live in infamy.

Busy Bee Starski was know for his “bah with the bah” lyrics and we get a taste of what Rap Music sounded like in 1981.

We also get to see The Cold Crush Brothers duke it out on the basketball court and busting raps at the same time.  Later we see them at a club throwing it down posse style.

The greatest part of the movie?  Well that was stolen by Grandmaster Flash as he tears it up in his kitchen while Fab Five watches in amazement.

As for the people it influenced (especially Nas and MF Doom), you can tell these guys were raised on this stuff.

If you get a change, watch this movie.  If you love Hip Hop, study this movie!  If you’ve seen this movie, watch it again and again!  The architects of this rap ish are in this movie.  Not all the architects, but some key figures.  If you don’t know where you came from, you don’t know where you going!  PEACE!

-Al E.


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