“Who’s the Man” – Soundtrack Album Anniversary

“Who’s the Man” – Soundtrack Album Anniversary

The “Who’s The Man” soundtrack was released on April 20 1993.  This was the soundtrack to the Ed Lover and Doctor Dre (Yo! MTV) motion picture of the same name.  The album was a mix of R&B and Hip Hop tracks.


If you bought this album, you probably bought it for the Biggie Smalls track “Party and Bullshit”.  The hook was inspired by The Last Poet’s revolutionary track “When the Revolution Comes”.  The track makes you get off your butt and jump up and down.  If you don’t, you are probably dead.  Biggie Smalls sounds ferocious when he spits,

“Hugs from the honeys, Pounds from the roughnecks
Seen my man Sage that I knew from the projects
Said he had beef, asked me if I had my peice
Sure do, two .22’s in my shoes
Holler if you need me love i’m in the house
Roam and strollin’ see what the honeys is about
Moet popping, hoe hopping, ain’t no stopping Big Poppa, I’m a BAD BOY
Niggaz wanna front, who got your back? (BIGGIE!)
Niggaz wanna flex, who got the gat? (BIGGIE!)
It ain’t hard to tell I’m the east coast overdoser
Nigga you scared you’re supposed to
Nigga I told ya, put fear in your heart
Fuck up the party before it even start
Pissy drunk, off the Henny and skunk
Or some Brand Nubian shit beatin’ down punks!”

Another dope track was Pete Rock and CL Smooth’s “What’s Next On The Menu”.   It’s a slow paced Pete Rock produced jam with a perfectly placed Big Daddy Kane sample as CL goes off promoting the movie,

“Perignon Poppa, my rugged styles vary; shit,
I want a salary Mariah couldn’t Carey DIG IT
I sport a blue face Rolex for thirty grand (yeah..)
Now take your family to go see “Who’s the Man?”
I wear colognes that excite your hormones
and Versace the wifey bought, now who woulda ever thought?
Word to life, ain’t a rapper livin I can’t run though so
(.. “Let’s see what’s next on the menu!”)”

Another dope track is the funky and bass filled “Who’s the Man” by House of Pain. This has to be one of their greatest hits and Everlast never sounded so good!  The track goes perfectly with his flow when he says,

“I used to kick it with the thugs, pushin’ drugs in the park
Makin’ every mark that was out after dark
Stick ’em for their loot, cut em up then I’d dash
And when I had to shoot, I’d nutted up for the cash
Ran down the block with my 45 glock
Capped off a round, everybody hit the ground
The next thing I heard was a siren
Couldn’t turn around, money grip kept firin’
Runnin’ for the ride, I can’t go inside
I’d rather that I died, I got too much pride
I guess it’s just somethin’ that you can’t understand
My gun’s in my hand, tell me who’s the man?”

Also included is the Erick Sermon west coast flavored “Hittin Switches” which was his first solo track without Parrish Smith.  The album makes you hit the switches of your low-low all the while Erick raps,

“Ah shit, it’s part two, it’s on with the funk so
RING THE ALARM, ding! While I drop the bomb
on the country, E’s gettin funky word to mother
I smother, any emcee or so-called brother
Why? I gets busy, who the hell is he?
The roughneck from New York City
You wanna mess around with the ill bastard
then get your ass kicked, messin with the click
Def Squad, now on location, with the funky sensation
You wanna step you must be freebasin”

As for the R&B tracks, Jodeci hits us with the sexy “Let’s Go Through The Motions” but Mary J Blige steals the show with “You Don’t Have To Worry”.  At first you think Biz Markie is going to start rappin “Can you feel it, nothing can save ya…”.  It’s a song about trust and how she’s protecting herself,

“Love is made, made of many things
And one of them is trust but I can’t trust you anymore
Things you say, say, how about the things you do?
They won’t hurt me, no, they won’t hurt me anymore”

As for the movie, the movie is hilarious with everybody from B Real, Guru and Flavor Flav making special appearances.  When Run DMC and JMJ can play detectives and put Ed and Dre in check, the movie is a must see for ALL Hip Hop heads!  Denis Leary as the police chief is the highlight of the movie.  Check it out if you haven’t already (for the 100th time).

-Al E.

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