5 Hip-Hop Songs About Mothers That Aren’t “Dear Mama”

5 Hip-Hop Songs About Mothers

That Aren’t “Dear Mama”

Another year and another day that focuses on mothers. I don’t know about y’all, but I show my mother love 366 days a year in each of the 13 months. Hip-Hop loves Mothers as well.  Now everyone and their mothers know and love the immortal Tupac‘sDear Mama.” There are plenty others though.  Let’s check out the top five hip hop songs that pays homage to mothers.

5. Intelligent Hoodlum – Grand Groove

Intelligent Hoodlum aka Tragedy Khadafi showed love to his mother and granny on a version of 1993’s “Grand Groove.”  The beautiful Patrice Rushen sample was the perfect backdrop to his lament to his mother who unfortunately passed. He reminiscences that fact that he was hardheaded, but his strong mother figure was ready at all times to knock that shit right out. Tragedy also showed love to some of his fallen friends and even gave a shout out to all mothers that have passed. Anyone who has lost a mother figure in their life will surely get the chills and even get a little emotional with lines like:

I understand you’re goin back to the essence…

but i do miss your presence

Intelligent Hoodlum – Grand Groove (Bonus Mix)

4. Ghostface Killah/Mary J Blige – All That I Got Is You

A  Jackson 5 sample and Mary J Blige on the hook??? That sounds like “All That I Got Is You.” One of the most heartfelt songs ever, Ghostface explicitly describes the struggles his mother had raising children as a single parent. After two verses of  vivid descriptions of his childhood, Mary then sings a verse. Listening to this song now makes me feel guilty for all the times I yelled or was rude to my mother.  Love you ma!!!!

Ghostface Killah ft Mary J Blige – All That I Got Is You

3. Kanye West – Hey Mama

In the early 2000’s, mad scientist Kanye West created the touching “Hey Mama.” The song wound up on one of his early mixtapes, then ended up on 2005’s Late Registration.  Kanye put his mother on a pedestal throughout the entire song. He perfect captured his love for his mother with lines like


Cant you see, you’re like a book of poetry.

Maya Angelou, Nikki Giovanni, turn one page and there’s my mommy.

Kanye’s mother passed in 2007, but he was still able to perform a slighty different version the following year at The Grammy’s.

Kanye West – Hey Mama

2. Nas – Dance

Nas released God’s Son in 2002.  The album was bananas, but that’s for another time. One of the closing tracks was “Dance.”  This served as a tribute to his mother that passed a few months before this album dropped. His rhymes about unconditional love and respect he had for his mother are beautiful.


Job well done, you lived through your sons and grandchildren

Jesus finally got his bride, Mommy, dance with him

After Nas’s rhymes, Olu Dara, his father, plays the cornet which only adds to this poetry.

Nas – Dance

1. Beanie Sigel ft. Scarface- Mom-Praying

Beanie Sigel and Scarface created something that reached deep in your soul. Beans starts off describing his grandmother….she may be 85, but will still beat that ass if you get out of line, then creat good eats that only a granny can do.  Scarface follows and delivers one of the most passionate verses I’ve ever heard him spit. He sounds like he is about to break down in the middle of his verse while describing how his mother helped him through her fathers death.  Then Beans lets you know how protective he is of his mother and grandmother.

I’m in love with 2 women

The one that birth me

And that one that birth her

Know that you gotta hurt me
Before you hurt her or hurt her

Or hurt them or hurt we

Mom Praying” is easily one of my favorite song in his catalog, now excuse me while I click rewind and think about my grandmother.  Happy Mother’s Day Lessie Mae Wright.

Beanie Sigel ft. Scarface – Mom Praying

Happy Mother’s Day!!

5 Hip-Hop Songs About Mothers That Aren’t “Dear Mama”

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