Token – Necessary Evil (Video)

Token – Necessary Evil (Video)

17 year old Token is back with his new single Necessary Evil. The hard hitting track is produced by legendary producer Nottz, who is said to be one of Token’s favorite producers. The quick moving video is put together with intense edits and visually stunning effects. Token released the video while he was up at Sway in the Morning for the first time. After the success following his last two releases, Token refers to himself as the necessary evil as a way to separate himself from those who are out for his spot. This is Token’s last release before leaving for Europe on April 8th.

Token – Necessary Evil (prod by Nottz)

Token recently made an appearance on Sway In The Morning on Sirius Radio and absolutely destroyed the beat.

Token “Sway In The Morning” 100 bars Freestyle

(Who else went to Sway in the Morning, spit over 100 bars, and made the cohost cry??????)

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Token – Necessary Evil (Video)

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