“Throw Your Set in the Air” – 20 Year Anniversary

“Throw Your Set in the Air” – 20 Year Anniversary: Cypress Hill formed in South Gate, California in 1988 when brothers Senen Reyes (Sen Dog) and Ulpiano Sergio Reyes (Mellow Man Ace) teamed up with Lawrence Muggerud (DJ Muggs) and Louis Freese (B-Real). They were originally named DVX (Devastating Vocal Excellence) but changed to Cypress Hill when Mellow Man left the group to pursue a solo career. The group has dropped 8 albums with a 9th in the works for 2015.  They are the first Latino-American hip hop group to drop platinum and mulit-platinum album sales of over 18 million worldwide.

Cypress Hill III: Temples of Boom , the 3rd album from the group, featured production from Muggs and RZA and has been certified platinum. The tempo and feel of the album has a much darker and slow feel to it and is said to coincide with the group dealing with Sen Dog temporarily leaving to pursue other projects. The album featured some well know songs such as “Killa Hill Niggas” with RZA and U-God and the lead single from the album “Throw Your Set in the Air”. The Simpsons featured the song on an episode entitled “Homerpalooza”, where Homer deals with depression over aging and no longer being cool. The song sparked much debate between Cypress Hill and Ice Cube who they claimed jacked the song idea from them for his song “Friday”.

B-Real tells the story of how Cube was allowed to hear a recording of the song while it was in the mixing process. Cypress Hill were producing a song for the movie “Friday” which Cube wrote and starred in. Cube wanted to use the song for the movie but B-Real didn’t want to give it up. Soon Ice Cube released a song titled “Friday” – which was very similar to “Throw Your Set in the Air”- thus motivating Cypress Hill to write “No Rest for the Wicked” and include it on the same album.

The song makes fun of Ice Cubes real name O’Shea Jackson by saying “Jackson, lemme figure out the name – jack’s cause you be stealing other n**ggs game”. You can also hear “Cube, better sit back and check yourself” which references Cube’s song “Check Yo Self” produced by the Hill’s DJ Muggs. There is also a line in the song by Muggs saying “Yeah n**ga, my homie thought he had a homie in you. He let you listen to our mutha fukin cut, and you turned around and put some old variety sh*t out”.

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