Terminator X – “The Valley Of The Jeep Beets” 25 Year Anniversary

Terminator X released his debut solo project “Terminator X & The Valley Of The Jeep Beets” on May 7 1991.  It was produced by the Bomb Squad and Terminator X himself.  The album featured Chuck D and a list of new artists but that does not mean that only the Chuck D track is dope!

The first single was “Buck Whylin” featuring Chuck D and Sister Souljah and it is…FIYA!  The track has a vintage Bomb Squad beat with Sister Souljah screaming “We are at war” and other ad-libs that makes this track one of the greatest PE tracks of all time. Chucks gives props to his favorite rappers with,

“Some say its sad to get mad/cause were down with the Boogie Down/Ice T, Big Daddy on the rhythm now/I go Stetsa too and I bet cha/with the 2 Live Crew they will get cha/even got Sir Mix A Lot/MC Lyte, that’s right huh/she can win a rhyme fight!”


The B-Side to “Buck Whylin” is the funky and dope “Wanna Be Dancin” by Celo from the Casino Brothers.  It samples funk legends Parliaments track “Body Language” and if you don’t get up and dance, you need to see a doctor. Celo goes off and makes this track a must listen!

“Just flex/move your booty and next/the beats by T.X./the dance is a reflex/dance in the park/leaving tracks of skid marks”


The Juvenile Delinquents come hard with their self-titled track that will have you bumpin this track over and over again.  The beat is slow courtesy of a “Impeach the President” sample and we get a history lesson to boot.  The rhymes are tight and have a strong PE influence with the rhymes,

“Uncle Sam , the Masta of Amerikkka/no dogs allowed and obey your commander/the president, the punk, the idiotic/why pledge allegiance if a nigga aint patriotic?”


“Back to the Scene of the Bass” is one crazy track!  While Terminator samples the bassline from James Brown’s “Blues and Pants” and scratches “Pump That Bass” from Original Concept, the Interrogators drop rhymes with a cameo appearance from Sgt. Hawkes (True Mathematics).  The track samples 15 tracks in total including “Rock Box” by Run DMC (Sounds so good on this cut!)  This song has to be heard to be truly enjoyed.


On “DJ is the Selector” we get a lil ragamuffin courtesy of Dubmasters.   The track incredibly relaxing and will make you sing the hook over and over again!  Smoke em if you got em!

“Terminator X, well that’s your selector/ I’m the dubmaster/is your righteous DJ/”


Bonnie and Clyde’s “Homie Don’t Play Dat” closes out the album with a dope Jame’s Brown “Payback” sample and dope rhymes from these dope female mcs!  But instead of 15 sampled track…this only has 14!  Bummer!


To me…this is a classic!  I love all the extra beats he puts in between tracks a-la Pete Rock!  The album still bangs and it’s going straight back into rotation in the ride!

-Al E.



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