Spittin In Da Wip feat M-Dot (Episode 316)

Spittin In Da Wip feat M-Dot (Episode 316) Spittin In Da Wip” is a show that exhibits top emcees freestyling over random beats while they cruise through NYC.  Previous guests have included Kendrick Lamar, Masta Ace, Sadat X, Phife Dawg and many more!

In this episode, host Crazy Al Cayne hooks up with Boston veteran M-Dot as they maneuver their way around Manhattan. For all the spitters out there wanting to get on SIDW, if the beat says “Don’t Pick Me,” you may not want to chose it.

M-Dot – Spittin In Da Wip

Shout out to Brian from Boston Hip-Hop for the exclusive and some behind the scene pics.

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Check out M-Dot‘s one of a kind 360 Interactive Video “123 Flow” as it will soon break the internet!


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