Sampling 101: The Blackbyrds – Mysterious Vibes

Who Sampled It Best ?

Sampling 101:

The Blackbyrds – Mysterious Vibes

Trumpet maestro Donald Byrd recruited some of his students from the real HU; Howard University and formed The Blackbyrds in the early 70’s.  They successfully merged funk and jazz and released a slew of albums throughout the 70’s. Their 6th album, Action was one of my favorites.  There was plenty of poppin funk grooves throughout, but the 3rd song “Mysterious Vibes” caught my attention. The smooth saxophone solos and the angelic singing make this a relaxing piece of art. And who can ignore those heavenly chords throughout. Hip hop also  started to take notice of this tune and began sampling this with varying results. Yes, there are plenty others: But answer this, whether your choice is below or not…Who Sampled It Best?

The Blackbyrds – Mysterious Vibes

Who Sampled It Best ?

1. Paris – Days of Old

If the revolutionary Black Panther’s created a mixtape, Paris would certainly have a few songs on there.  His debut album introduced Paris as a pro black radical who had a lot to say about different injustices.  Paris’s next album, 1992’s Sleeping With the Enemy showcased an even more violent and militant stance.   Songs like “Bush Killa” and “Coffee, Donut’s and Death” definitely raised some eyebrows.  Paris decides to let the anger and politics chill for a bit and reminisces about his youth on “The Days of Old.”  The classic drum loop added to the beautiful Blackbyrd’s sample which created a head nodding event.  The added sax riff on the hook  helped create something special.

Paris – The Days Of Old

2. Almighty RSO– One in the Chamba

The Almighty RSO is a collective that represents Boston baby!!!!!   Made up of a collection of MC’s and producers, they got their start in the late 80’s releasing various singles.    Ray Dogg aka Ray Benzino is usually heralded as the founder.  Once of their earliest songs was the violent “One in the Chamba.”  Over the smooth Blackbyrds sample, Ray Dogg, E Devious and Tony Rhome expressed their disgust at cops killing unarmed black men and informants.

The Almighty RSO – One In The Chamba

3. 5th Ward Juvenilez –G -Groove

The early 90’s had an emergence of tough talking teenagers.   Shyheim, Mobb Deep, Illegal and even Kriss Kross in their later years all rhymed like they would knock the shit out of you if you stared too long, then would take your chick.  The mighty Houston based label, Rap A Lot records jumped on the bandwagon and introduced 2 Low in 1993.  Later on that year, another grouped was formed by the legendary label.  5th Ward Juvenilez were 3 rough adolescents that repped Houston.   Daddy Lo, Mista Slim and Nickelboy had a few guest appearances then released their sole album, 1995’s Deadly Groundz.  The only single released was one of the smoothest on the album.  “G Groove” showcased all 3 MC’s discussing a day in the life while an angel crooned throughout the song.   The slowed down Blackbyrds sample sans the horns was a heavenly interpretation. This melodic sensation is summertime cruising at its finest.

5th Ward Juvenilez – G-Groove

Sampling 101: The Blackbyrds – Mysterious Vibes

G-Groove” does it best

Days of Old” is something that I will listen to for years, but the smooth vibe that “G-Groove” captured is unmatched.  This was one of the smoothest things out of 1995.

Now there are plenty of artists who sampled this timeless track. Puerto Rico rhymer, Kurious sampled this on “I’m Kurious”.  90’s R&B lovers remember Horace Brown’s “One For the Money”.  Earlier 90’s Atlanta’s duo, Ghetto Mafia has a sinister use of the sample on “Downtown Glory” Recently Wiz Khalifa used this familiar backdrop to let us know that he will “Ink My Whole Body Up”.   But me answer this, whether your choice is above or not…Who Sampled It Best?

Who Sampled It Best? is a weekly column that delves into the background of sampling and Hip-Hop culture by taking a deeper look at it’s roots.

Have a suggestion? Hit us up with your favorite tracks that used the same sample and we’ll break it down.

Sampling 101: The Blackbyrds – Mysterious Vibes

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