Sampling 101: Patrice Rushen – Where There Is Love


Who Sampled It Best?

Sampling 101: Patrice Rushen – Where There Is Love

patrice-rushen-where-is-the-love-sampling-back-in-the-day-buffetThe multi talented Patrice Rushen has been making music for roughly half a century.  Her superior piano skills and beautiful voice first appeared in the early 70’s. By the time 1982’s Straight from The Heart album came, she was already 7 albums in. This was her biggest selling album due to her severely popular “Forget Me Nots”.  The jams don’t stop there; this album was chock full of delicious morsels including the ballad, “Where There Is Love.”  Hip hop took notice of the beautifulness and began sampling with varying results. Let’s check some of them out.

“Where There Is Love”

Who Sampled It Best?

1. Lil 1/2 Dead “12 Pacofdoja”

halfdead1994 was the year the planet was in the midst of a g-funk takeover.   Dr. Dre may have been at the helm, but many other rappers joined the party.   Dogg Pound affiliate Lil Half Dead released his debut album this year and with it, a monster of a single.  Hostyle (made of up both Chaos and Quicc 2 Macc) joined our host on the weed anthem “12pacofdoja”.  The Patrice Rushen sample sounded so silky smooth and definitely something you listen to on cruise control.  I first heard this in upstate New York and had no clue what a pac of doja was.  I thought it was a new beer or the ultimate pack of condoms.  One listen and a view of the video showed me this was an ode to the beautiful Mary Jane.

“12 Pacofdoja” ft Hostyle

Remember just calling songs by their track numbers from their CD?  “Yo, put on #5”, “Neicy is coming through, make sure #17 and #8 is programmed”; “Play #7 and put that joint on repeat.”

2. Mobb Deep “Temperature’s Rising”

mobb-deep-temperatures-rising-give-up-the-goods-back-in-the-day-buffetMobb Deep introduced us to The Infamous a year later and is  one of the greatest albums to ever come out of NYC.   Song after song shines but then the butter soft track #7, Q-Tip produced “Temperature’s Rising” begins.   It starts off with some drums surrounded by mystery.   Then Hav  spits

What up son, I heard they got you on the run

For a body, now its time to stash the guns.

And you know story time is next.  Havoc and Prodigy showcased their valyrian steel rhymes, but the Patrice Rushen sample was a stark difference than the rest of the album.  When you hear the Mobbs rhymes about paranoia, getting rid of evidence and snitches; Songstress Crystal Johnson singing on the hook just seems entirely appropriate.

“Temperature’s Rising”

Sampling 101: Patrice Rushen – Where There Is Love

I’m a huge Patrice Rushen fan. She can do no wrong.  Patrice can perform with the KKK at the Donald Trump inauguration and I will still support her. Both songs are near and dear to me because of the use of her sample.  Mobb Deep’s edges out Lil Half Dead’s rendition.  The Mobb just had more layers.  The ominous drum break through, subject matter and the angel crooning on the hook help create one of hip hops greatest songs.

Now there are plenty others including 90’s rapper/singer Smooth and Souls of Mischief’s Pep Love who used this beat as well.  In 2010 your favorite Love and Hip Hop Atlanta stars Stevie J and Benzino used this sample on the sappy “Dry Your Eyes”. But answer me this, whether your choice is above or not…Who Sampled It Best?

Who Sampled It Best? is a weekly column that delves into the background of sampling and Hip-Hop culture by taking a deeper look at it’s roots.

Have a suggestion? Hit us up with your favorite tracks that used the same sample and we’ll break it down.

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